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Religious and Political Ideologies Carried to Extremes and a Humanitarian Crisis of Epic Proportions Note-I first published this article in 2011 as Neptune entered Pisces. Never is it more applicable than today. Bear in mind some of the dates Read More
Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray who wasconvicted of killing Michael Jackson was released from jail Monday, October 28, 2013 after serving nearly two years of a four-year sentence. (NOV. 2011- Dr. Conrad Murray has been convicted on Read More
The Sun conjuncts Pluto Thursday December 28-29. This is harsh, compulsive energy, that is prone to power struggles, the uncovering of facts, and dealing with situations that have decayed, or deteriorated. Sometimes a renewal or rejuvenation is called Read More
Mercury went direct Wednesday 14, at 3 degrees of Sagittarius. This is called the ‘stationary direct,’ period which lasts through Thursday, December 15. Don’t think things will instantly return to normal though. The most intense periods of retrograde Read More
Uranus retrogrades back to 0 degrees in November, called the Aries Point, or the World Point. “The AP represents a movement (cardinal) from an inner quality to an outer manifestation. It orients us towards the world at large—society, public events and Read More
Mercury, the planet of communication is currently in the ‘shadow’ period proceeding it’s retrograde which occurs November 24. During the shadow period, which begins at the degree where Mercury will eventually go direct, you may start to notice some of Read More
October-November Horoscopes Aries- Aries-If you were born March 21-25 you have been pummeled over the past several years by Pluto, Saturn and now Uranus. If you were born on March 21-23, Uranus will conjunct your Sun through February 2012, bringing unexpected Read More
Mercury squares Mars October 28. This aspect is an argument waiting to happen.  You may feel angry and frustrated, and other people may react this way toward you.  Accidents can occur and it is important to be aware of this while driving.  Mercury rules Read More
Today’s New Moon falls in Scorpio at three degrees.  Scorpio is the natural ruler of the eighth house of sex, money and other people’s money, and to some extent we will all be focused on these areas. Of course each New moon, as well as each transit Read More
The US Attorney General today announced the foiling of a plot by elements of the Iranian government to kill the Saudi Arabian ambassador on American soil using Mexican drug cartels. This comes as no surprise on the eve of this full moon in Aries. Read More
On September 30, Venus conjuncts Saturn at 18 degrees of Libra.  Saturn-Venus is a wet blanket and can put a damper on emotional matters.  This transit is short, only a day, but pivotal events can occur at this time, especially if this transit Read More
Death Row Inmate Troy Davis was executed in Georgia September 21, after losing his bid to halt the execution.  He was accused of the murder of Georgia police officer mark MacPhail on the night of August 18, 1989. The execution occurred in spite of Read More
September’s New Moon (9-27) falls in the sign Libra, the ruler of the seventh house of marriage, partnerships and relationships.  Many people will be dealing with relationships and issues in relationships.  New moons generally signify new beginnings, Read More
In the blink if an eye September is already here, and fall will soon follow.  We are in the final and mutable part of the summer with the Sun, Venus and soon Mercury, all in the sign of Virgo, changing the energy once again, and urging us to pay attention Read More
The weekend brings a full moon in Pisces at 19 degrees on Monday, September 12.  Full moon energy begins up to five days before and five days after the full moon, so we are already into the gravitational pull of the full moon.  Pisces is the natural ruler Read More
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