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2014 monthly updates (RSS)

Major changes occur this month as the planet of responsibility, restriction and karma enters the sign ruled by Jupiter. The last time Saturn entered Sagittarius was November 18, 1985-November 12, 1988. Saturn enters Sagittarius December 23,  and Read More
November is another pivotal month of 2014 as Uranus and Pluto connect again in an exact square November 27, at 12 degrees Libra/Capricorn through December 27, 2014. This is the 6th time this powerful square has come together since 2012, the results of Read More
Mercury retrogrades for the final time in 2014 October 4-25. It begins its stationary retrograde October 4-6 at 2 degrees of Scorpio (October 4 at 1:02 P.M., EST), the most intense of signs, and matters you thought were resolved the previous week may Read More
We have many important aspects this month, and the slower moving planets will start to enter Libra, setting off  the Uranus-Pluto square several times. This will bring more changes to the world and our lives if it is aspecting your personal natal Read More
As we begin the eighth month of the year Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun form a stellium in Leo, which will be joined by Venus on August 12. Leo is the star of the show this month, just as Cancer was during July with its stellium of planets in the sign Read More
Over the weekend of August 16, Venus moves closer to Jupiter, becoming exact August 18, at 1:21 A.M. at 7 degrees of Leo in the early morning hours. Venus-Jupiter is typically an exuberant, upbeat and fun transit, especially in Leo, Read More
The Goddess of Reason entered her own sign June 23,  just before the Mars/ Uranus opposition/ grand square with Pluto became exact setting off the Uranus-Pluto square, June 24-26.  This alone is a reason to celebrate as Venus entered Gemini, Read More
As we begin the sixth month of the year Mercury is in its shadow period preparing to go stationary retrograde on June 7, at 7:57 A.M., EST, and will be retrograde through July 1. Many people ask me, 'is it ok to buy a car on the 5th, or can Read More
As we enter the second month of spring the three major planets in the grand cross begin to separate. Many have asked me if the energy of the grand cross will end now. In a nutshell, no. The grand cross has reached a peak, but it is not over, and this Read More
Spring is here, and events of the grand cross begin to unfold for what they will be in the world and in our personal lives. During the last week of March we have been concerned with a missing aircraft and 200 plus passengers, a deadly mudslide in WA. Read More
As Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter (and retrograde Mars) approach a grand cross in April, look for events in March to show us the direction we are headed with this major configuration. March 2014 is a volatile month of change leading up to one of the most important Read More
February is a month of change as is every month, but the Uranus-Pluto square this month will bring major and potentially disruptive transits, with a theme on the unexpected as Jupiter in Cancer opposes Pluto and is square Uranus, so we will get our first Read More
We begin the year 2014 with two powerful transits as the Sun conjuncts Pluto at 10 degrees of Capricorn and a new moon conjuncts Pluto at 10 degrees of Capricorn as well, setting off the Uranus-Pluto square that is changing the world we live in and our Read More
Many changes will continue to occur in the world and in our personal lives as they have since about 2008, and personal changes especially for Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra. Disruptions, revolutions, changes in governments, conflicts among Read More
★★  Astrologers Leslie Hale and Astrologernyc  ★★ Chatting about ASTROLOGY on Fridays!  This week:   2013-2014 What to Expect!Click here for Part 1 Leslie Hale many changes and challenges Read More