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Uranus-Pluto square of 2013/2014 (RSS)

(Update 3-11-15) The Ferguson police chief, Thomas Jackson, stepped down today after a report by the US attorney General's office on revenue driven policing, racism, and court practices.  Additionally,  protests continue in Madison, Read More
Uranus and Pluto are in a square that began to separate on December 23, as Pluto moved to 13 degrees. But, the energy of this powerful square is far from over, and will continue in an intense manner well into January, and on into early 2016. If you Read More
Major changes occur this month as the planet of responsibility, restriction and karma enters the sign ruled by Jupiter. The last time Saturn entered Sagittarius was November 18, 1985-November 12, 1988. Saturn enters Sagittarius December 23,  and Read More
November is another pivotal month of 2014 as Uranus and Pluto connect again in an exact square November 27, at 12 degrees Libra/Capricorn through December 27, 2014. This is the 6th time this powerful square has come together since 2012, the results of Read More
Podcast: Astrology - Uranus sqr Pluto + Saturn entering Sagittarius; Read More
We hit a bit of a rough patch as Mars conjuncts Pluto, becoming exact Monday, November 10, and in the days before and after this transit will play out in the world and out lives, setting off the Uranus-Pluto square once again. The full moon in Taurus Read More
The fall equinox or Libra Ingress chart is set for September 22, 2014 at 10:29 P.M., Washington, DC, USA. This chart gives us a look at the last quarter of the year and what lies ahead in the US for the next 3 months. The ascendant of this chart is Read More
The eclipse season is upon us and the first eclipse of October will be a lunar eclipse at 15 degrees of Aries, October 8 at 6:51 A.M., EST. Until then, the energy of this eclipse will increase before it actually occurs and events related to this eclipse Read More
The next few days are significant in terms of planetary events that will affect our lives here on planet earth. Over the next several days Mars squares Neptune, becoming exact September 21, at 11: 40 P.M., EST, at 5 degrees Sagittarius/Pisces.  This Read More
Wikipedia shows the formation of ISIS or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant on January 3, 2014 when the Iraqi government lost control of the city of Fallujah after days of fighting. Much remains hidden about the terrorist group, its history and Read More
Mercury in Libra sets off the Uranus-Pluto square September 9-14. The energy will peak on September 9, when Mercury squares Pluto and the moon enters Aries, and again on September 13, when Mercury opposes Uranus. (Check out my blog section on the Uranus-Pluto Read More
News reports claim as many as 2,500 are dead and 800,000 homeless in the Philippines (at the time of this post) due to the super typhoon that hit this country Friday, November 7, 2013. Super Typhoon Haiyan  stuck the Philippines Thursday, November Read More
As we begin November 2013, the Uranus-Pluto square becomes exact on November 1, at 7:13 a.m EST for the second time this year. This major transit comes on the eve of a powerful solar eclipse in Scorpio November 3, that conjuncts Saturn, the Sun and Mercury Read More
During the first half of November Uranus and Pluto are in an exact square with each other which will bring many changes to the world and to our lives if it is transiting a personal planet in your natal chart. This square will re-occur numerous times Read More
We are in the Scorpio season and the next eclipse of the season falls at 11 degrees of Scorpio Sunday, November 3rd at 7:50 am, EST. Scorpio is the natural ruler of the 8th house of other people's money, debt, taxes, sex, insurance death and change Read More
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