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Saturn-Neptune square 2015-16 (RSS)

2016 has seen the rise of fake news stories, disseminated on the internet and through other sources. Many of these stories have appeared on AOL and Facebook, but they are not limited to these sources and can crop up in many Read More
During October: The Sun is in Libra-the sign ruling the 7th house of marriage and partnerships until October 22, when it enters Scorpio, the sign ruling the eighth house of sex, change and transformation and other people's money. Venus Read More
We begin the month of September with a powerful solar eclipse at 9 degrees of Virgo, peaking at 5:03 AM, EST. Eclipses are the universes  signposts, lighting the path into the future. Eclipses come in pairs and the companion lunar Read More
Mercury turns stationary direct Thursday, September 22 at 1:31 AM, EST., at 14 degrees of Virgo. The good news is it turns direct, and the bad news is that it won't be smooth and easy. Mercury becomes part of a t-square (a difficult Read More
 Saturn is in the sign Sagittarius where it rules the ninth house of education, foreign affairs and world view. Many of our views  and viewpoints will change with this Saturn placement both on an individual and the collective level. Read More
The Saturn-Neptune square becomes exact at 10 degrees of Sagittarius-Pisces Sunday, September 11. This confusing, depressing and convoluted energy reaches a peak on this day. Saturn rules our structures and Neptune dissolves them. Many things Read More
As the Sun squares Saturn and opposes Neptune today many people are feeling a sense of anger, agitation and uncertainty. Falling on the heels of the eclipse this is very powerful energy, and like the eclipse sets off the Saturn-Neptune Read More
The Sun squares Saturn at 11: 22 PM, EST September 1, and opposes Neptune and this transit will remain exact through September 2. This transit sets off the Saturn-Neptune square just as the early morning solar eclipse did September Read More
Mars conjuncts Saturn at 9 degrees of Sagittarius August 22-24. It then squares Neptune August 26-27 and this transit sets off the Saturn-Neptune square.   The definition of Mars-Saturn is 'blocked energy.' Mars-Saturn transits Read More
August marks the third month this year the Saturn-Neptune square dominates the skies in close and exact orb. (This transit began the latter part of 2015) Over the past two months this transit has been considered a t-square as it involved three planets-Saturn, Read More
For months now, I have been writing about the Saturn-Neptune square, and its ramifications for the world, society and our own personal lives. We have been in crazy times as anyone watching the US Presidential election knows and August Read More
Mercury in Virgo is on a collision course this week with the Saturn-Neptune square. A New Moon occurs in Leo August 2, and Leo rules the heart and the 5th house of love. Many will be focused on love, one way or another, but in some Read More
The t-square between Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune is in orb as we begin the month, and Saturn is in an exact square with Neptune  at 11 degrees of Sagittarius-Pisces through July 4. Saturn rules our structures, and Neptune has no part of Read More
On the eve before the powerful Sun-Uranus square become exact, (7-15) and the full Moon in Capricorn on July 19, a military coup attempted to take over the government of Turkey. News of the coup came around 2:30 PM, CST, as the Moon Read More
Thursday July 14, a large truck plowed into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France. At the time of this post 84 are confirmed dead, including children and at least 202 are injured. The driver of the truck has been described Read More
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