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Astrology of 2016 (RSS)

  We all will have times in life that are more difficult than others, and so many people who call me are facing difficult questions and choices. More often than not, they are dealing with a Saturn transit. Saturn will affect us all, Read More
Neptune turns direct November 22, at 11 degrees of Pisces, and this is a significant planetary change. Neptune is the planet of mystics, religion, creativity and art, spirituality, and inspiration.  It is also the planet associated with Read More
Pluto may have been demoted several years ago, but make no mistake to its powerful affects when it transits your chart, and aspects other planets in the sky.  I generally describe Pluto transits through the Read More
Most of the time I advise clients not to start new relationships on a retrograde Mercury. Things/situations generally begun on a retrograde Mercury have a habit of not working out well. But, what if you meet someone you really like during this time. Read More
Mundane astrology is the art of studying the day to day planetary energies. Hundreds of years ago this was the focus of astrologers much more so than individual readings. One of the tools used in mundane astrology are the ingress charts, particularly Read More
Many people call me asking about potential breakups with their significant other. So many times the answer is yes, unfortunately it looks like it won't last. Many relationships (and I often say most) end, that aren't meant to be. Read More
New moon of 2016 falls at 7 degrees of Capricorn in the early morning hours of December 28. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and is about work and responsibilities. As it is conjunct Mercury, the energy can be willful. As Mercury is retrograde, Read More
The most significant transits and planets in December will involve Jupiter, the planet of gain and expansion along with Saturn and Uranus. Jupiter shows us where our luck will occur and is positive. Saturn rules our structure and Uranus Read More
Mercury turns retrograde Monday, December 19, at 5:55 AM, EST. This will be a powerful retrograde as Mercury is conjunct Pluto at 15-16 degrees of Capricorn. This will be especially powerful if you have Cardinal planets (Aries, Libra, Read More
Our next full Moon occurs Tuesday, December 13th, at  7:05 EST, and falls at 22 degrees of Gemini. The energy of a full moon starts about a week before the lunar event. Even though this Moon falls in Gemini (ruled by Mercury) this Read More
2016 has seen the rise of fake news stories, disseminated on the internet and through other sources. Many of these stories have appeared on AOL and Facebook, but they are not limited to these sources and can crop up in many Read More
  Jupiter is square Pluto and this transit becomes exact November 24. Between now and then this aspect is at its most powerful and after the 24th it will start to wane in terms of its strength. But, that does not mean the aspect is immediately Read More
November's new Moon falls at 7.43 degrees of Sagittarius November 29, at 7:18 AM, EST. Sagittarius is ruled by the expansive planet Jupiter and is the natural ruler of the ninth house of travel, world view, foreign adventure, education and medicine. Read More
November brings the US Presidential election after a long year under the heavy and convoluted Saturn-Neptune square and t-square. (A t-square involved three planets that clash, in this case, Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter). This major transit Read More
Thanksgiving falls on November 24th this year. Here is wishing everyone a wonderful holiday! With a little foresight and knowledge of the transits ahead of time we can avoid holiday pitfalls and problems. November 23, Mercury conjuncts Read More
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