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The Great American eclipse of 2017 (RSS)

  The Great American eclipse (August 21, 2017) is over, but if you read my blog you knew that events connected to the eclipse would play out the first 10 days of September and beyond. As the eclipse literally crossed Read More
The August solar eclipse occurs August 21, and falls at 29 degrees of Leo. This is called the 'Great American Eclipse as it is the first eclipse that has crossed the US from coast to coast in 99 years, and it should be visible from all parts of the Read More
It's been 38 years since we have seen a total solar eclipse in the continental US. That takes us back to 1979, when we experienced the last one. Some people reading this have never seen a total solar eclipse, but you will have a chance on August 21, Read More
The Great American eclipse as it is being called, occurs August 21, 2017 and peaks at 2:30 PM, EST. It is called The Great American Eclipse, as it cuts a wide swath across the US, visible to some extent in  all states. Read More