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November 2009 - Posts

I get callers who ask for things that I do not do, or do not always do, some talents sit latent and pop up, others are always there for me. Always carefully read the page of a reader before you call, so you do not have to waste money asking what they Read More
Fill this holiday week with positive energy, by thinking of and thanking the Universe EVERY DAY for something. It can be one thing mentioned over and over, every day, but make it a point to fill a week with positive love, energy, and THANKS. We should Read More
Affirmations are a way of tuning your higher self to a goal. They let your guides, angels and helpers hear you state what you are working towards. We all think affirmations are magic wands. They are not, however they ALMOST are. Affirmations are statements Read More
It is time to harvest things that you have been trying to accomplish all year. Bring in the bounty and plan for next year. Didn't get the crop to grow, or maybe you didn't even plant it? Time to make an easier plan for next year. After we harvest is Read More