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January 2018 - Posts

Seven of Swords Hope appears after a long struggle, but keep your guard up. You face opposition to your plans and it would be wise to learn its source, but you can achieve your aims if you persevere and be certain of your facts. Avoid direct confrontation, Read More
Seven of Wands Success is likely, even though all the odds appear to be stacked against you. Victory will be all the sweeter for the effort it takes you, and sweeter still if you just quietly get on with doing whatever is necessary without complaint. Read More
Reversed Four of Cups New and rewarding friendships will help blow the cobwebs out of your life and suggest novel solutions to several long-standing problems. However, do beware over-indulgence that could threaten your health. Read More
Reversed Eight of Swords A calamity or an accident threatens to derail your plans. All you can do in this situation is check any insurance documents you have, and prepare to be tested to the limit, bearing in mind that whatever doesn’t break you only Read More
Reversed Page of Pentacles The dreaminess of the upright Page becomes a curse and the Page tries to compensate by becoming prickly and demanding over things that do not really matter, lacking any true sense of proportion. He becomes unreliable and Read More
Devil Whether or not you are fully conscious of it, you or someone in close proximity are already bound to some self-destructive attachment that can only end in tears. It is time to listen to your own inner voice of wisdom and a way out will soon become Read More
Reversed Knight of Swords This card represents arrogance, recklessness and misguided aggression. Instead of the courage to do battle if necessary, the Knight has become addicted to the thrill of fighting for its own sake. Read More
Eight of Pentacles Success and the calm mastery of your talents are at hand. You are appreciated by those you work with and are likely to receive your just rewards. Be prudent, though, as this is a time for consolidation and not wild excess. You are Read More
King of Swords In astrology the character of Saturn in his benign aspect closely resembles that of the King of Swords. He represents power, authority, and the law, splitting complex arguments with the edge of his sword. His judgments can at times seem Read More
Eight of Wands The Eight indicates sudden progress that is possibly too fast for comfort, so try to slow things down a little and avoid over-hasty decisions that you might later regret. This is an exciting and well-starred time with travel, new business Read More
Eight of Swords Criticism, blame, or possible illness frustrate your plans and require patience to overcome. Judgement is tried and tested at times like this, but it is important to remember that there is no better way to test the value of your beliefs, Read More
Reversed Seven of Swords You face a setback to your plans and even face possible betrayal by a partner or a business colleague - however, don't allow yourself to become disheartened by this negative behavior. Seek advice from those who have been through Read More
Reversed Eight of Pentacles There is a danger of wasting the opportunities in front of you through vanity and indiscipline. Thinking purely in the short term means that you are likely to miss a very real chance to make an impact upon the world. Avoid Read More
Knight of Wands The Knight of Wands is a versatile warrior, armed and fearlessly ready for action. The card signifies departures, change, and adventures into the unknown. It’s a warning to keep your eyes and ears open, because you are surrounded by Read More
Reversed Two of Cups Disappointment, quarrels, and misunderstandings threaten to end in the breakdown of partnerships in either love or work. Beware of rash decisions you will later regret. It's worth trying to work through the difficulties first. Read More
Five of Wands Gold, opulence, and splendor come your way, but a rival is threatening your position. Resist the urge to score points and your enemy will end up exposing their own pettiness. Competitiveness is healthy up to a point, but can become destructive Read More
Queen of Cups The Queen of Cups is warm, loving, sensitive, maternal, and eager to heal all the world’s wounds. She is also practical, honest, and imaginative. Her imagination can be expressed through art, but more commonly through helping others to Read More
Knight of Cups The Knight of Cups is romantic, loyal, generous, friendly, thoughtful, and idealistic. He inspires new ventures in both romantic and practical fields without expecting much in return. This Knight is happiest when embarked upon some great Read More
Justice Justice reveals a judgement in your favor as you receive your just rewards. This can be uncomfortable for those who have strayed beyond morality, but usually this card signals good fortune for you and a happy outcome to current negotiations. Read More
Queen of Wands The Queen of Wands is a mature, practical person with a great down-to-earth wisdom. Charming. sympathetic, and graceful, she is less outgoing than her bold King, but has very strong character and self-possession. She gets things done Read More
Reversed Devil The reversed card signifies the end of an ill-starred period of delusion, when it's time to crawl from the ruins and begin again. there is still some danger, but if you listen to the promptings of the angel on one shoulder and ignore Read More