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February 2018 - Posts

Emperor The Emperor represents earthly power achieved through force of will, including war if necessary, though usually the card stands for stability, wealth, justice and the dominance of reason over emotion. It can represent an authority figure at Read More
Reversed Knight of Pentacles The reversed Knight of Pentacles represents stagnation, cowardice, inertia, and laziness. It shows a life in danger of losing its way through idleness and lack of imagination, cultivating narrow prejudices about others Read More
Nine of Cups Victory and success come your way as several long-held dreams come true. Share your good luck with others, and it will be multiplied. this is a good time for looking forward and making fresh plans for the future, because your confidence Read More
Ace of Cups The Ace of Cups represents the beginning of a period of joy, abundance, friendship, fertility, love, and just about every other good thing you can think of on the emotional plane. It stands for the promise of being able to act out your Read More
Seven of Swords Hope appears after a long struggle, but keep your guard up. You face opposition to your plans and it would be wise to learn its source, but you can achieve your aims if you persevere and be certain of your facts. Avoid direct confrontation, Read More
Reversed Sun There is a great and achievable ambition almost within your grasp, but obstacles block the way. Perseverance is called for, and careful planning. This no time for great leaps forward, but for concentrating on one sure step at a time and Read More
Reversed Ten of Cups Family disputes and bickering undermine your happiness and poison your relationships outside the family, too. The condition need not last, though, given enough patience and understanding. Read More
Reversed Five of Cups Unexpected news arrives, and possibly in the form of a surprise visit from an old friend who will lift your spirits and suggest new ideas and ways forward. They may also remind you of past events that you would rather forget, Read More
Ten of Swords Traditionally this is the unluckiest card in the Tarot deck, being the ruling number of the unluckiest suit. As such it signals calamity on almost any front - health, finances, or romance - but it can also mean the ending of pointless Read More
Sun Good fortune, material success, energy, and joy are all promised by this card as whatever you undertake is blessed. New beginnings are suggested by the children and the sunflowers craning for the sky. This is a good time for new partnerships in Read More
Devil Whether or not you are fully conscious of it, you or someone in close proximity are already bound to some self-destructive attachment that can only end in tears. It is time to listen to your own inner voice of wisdom and a way out will soon become Read More
Eight of Wands The Eight indicates sudden progress that is possibly too fast for comfort, so try to slow things down a little and avoid over-hasty decisions that you might later regret. This is an exciting and well-starred time with travel, new business Read More
Knight of Swords The Knight of Swords is bold and enthusiastic, but also imaginative and clever like his Queen. He is a great champion of good causes and inspires others by his idealism and dedication to any cause he adopts. He is decisive and, while Read More
Five of Swords Destruction, waste, and loss threaten to undermine your spirits, but do bear in mind that they are only temporary. You may justly be feeling bad, but beware of getting caught up in a negative spiral. The conditions will pass, and you Read More
Ace of Wands The Ace of Wands represents the beginning of some great new practical venture or career. The time is right for putting your boldest ideas into action, pushing the back the boundaries of possibility, and sharing your enthusiasm with the Read More
Reversed King of Swords This card signifies oppression, miserliness, loss, gloom, and even cruelty. This King represents a dangerous enemy that you may have to confront and either conquer or outwit to get a fair deal. Read More