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March 2018 - Posts

Ten of Cups This card represents a happy home life, contentment at work, and good standing in the community, all of which are a result of diligent application and energy. You have established a stable and honored place for yourself and your loved ones Read More
Reversed Eight of Wands Disharmony, quarrels, and rivalry all threaten to disrupt your plans. Rushed commitments come back to haunt you, and impatience could lead you into other choices that you will equally regret. Be cautious, and wait for the conditions Read More
Four of Wands It is now time for a well-deserved rest and the enjoyment of good company. Your plans were well-laid, so you can allow yourself to bask for a while as you see your ideas take shape in reality. This could also be a good time to consider Read More
Four of Pentacles Due reward comes after a long struggle, but you need to shrug off any lingering bitterness or sense of grievance if you are to enjoy it. There is some danger of you becoming a miser. Enjoy your good fortune, but also share it with Read More
Reversed Seven of Wands This is a time of doubt, hesitation, and uncertainty. You are on the right track, but lack the courage of your convictions and are likely to miss many of the opportunities that present themselves. Trust your instincts more. Read More
Knight of Pentacles The Knight of Pentacles is useful, reliable, patient, persistent, and loyal. He is cautious by nature, preferring evolution to revolution, but has courage enough when it is called for. He is not a great one for spiritual quests, Read More
Six of Wands You benefit from triumphant and well-earned success as careful plans and hard work bear fruit. Be magnanimous in victory, and your moment of glory will be prolonged. This is no time for remembering petty insults and injuries suffered along Read More
Four of Swords A temporary relief from struggle. Use solitude to plan a way forward because the chances are that much will be demanded of you again soon. This can refer to either health or your personal life. Remember, with hindsight all the best achievements Read More