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July 2017 - Posts

You have set your sights on something and there’s no stopping you – victory awaits as you move up a gear, combining your will, determination and discipline to get you from A to Z. You know exactly where you are headed and what the desired outcome is, Read More
The 2 of Pentacles indicates that you are handling your life and responsibilities well, but give yourself “room for movement” so that you maintain a balance. What requires your attention will get done. You can get on with the “tasks” at hand and still Read More
Your enthusiasm and energy will get you where you want to be, and you’ve got a lot of that going on for you today. The Knight of Wands, as with all the Wands suit, is all about action. Whatever tasks you are dealing with, you go at it with increasing Read More
As you work on discarding the beliefs that are not a reflection of your inner truth or do not match who you truly are, you may come across someone or a situation which follows an "established" way of doing things. The Hierophant indicates a clash of beliefs Read More
It may feel like you’ve lifted the lid off of your psychic awareness, abilities and powers as you experience your psychic senses in a way never before. You may be experiencing all kinds of things right about now – deja vu, someone you are thinking of Read More
A celebration is to be had today. Whether there’s an announcement of some sorts or it’s a personal achievement, the 3 of Cups signals a time of celebration. You may be gathering with friends or family in the evening for a summer soiree or a birthday. Read More
Old structures are being ripped out from their foundations as The Tower signifies today. These old structures are what has been blocking your path to truly being you and living the life you desire. The energies may be unsettling, but rest assured that Read More
While you work on clearing out the clutter from your life, there are things that are obvious but there too are things that are hidden, not so obvious and “designed by ego” for you to “not see” nor question so it can continue to block you and to be an Read More
To allow for what one desires in life, one has to let go of everything that is not true. That which is not true includes one's beliefs. Something you've recently "emptied" from your life has been replaced with a true desire. That desire may even show Read More
Your life is moving forward again as the 8 of Wands indicates. You now have the awareness of what was causing delays and stagnation, and with that awareness comes a new approach to life or situations in your life and how best to deal with them - that Read More
The Hanged Man urges you to take a look at your beliefs. The energies of stagnation and frustration are indicated by The Hanged Man. If you want your life to turn around, you need to take an honest look at your beliefs. For instance, if you wish to attract Read More
A deeper knowing and understanding of who you truly are and the love that is you is giving rise to harmonious relationships of all kinds. You are finding the balance within you and are more at peace with your self, first and foremost. Like attracts like Read More
The High Priestess has made an appearance every week this month of July so far. This is a good sign as it's simply a reminder to keep honing your intuitive skills. The signs, the symbols and extrasensory experiences your inner being uses to communicate Read More
You are eager to learn and to study, and to put effort into all your endeavours today - whether it be career, love & relationships, finances or learning a trade or a craft. The Page of Pentacles presents you with enthusiasm today, and you are determined Read More
Otherwise known as the victory card, the 6 of Wands sees you in a winning position today. A project or a personal goal has reached completion and you have triumphed. No matter what blocks and obstacles were put in your path, you smashed through them coming Read More
Something or someone has been the source of stress, tension and anxiety in your world, and you no longer desire to engage or interact as the 8 of Cups indicates. You are in the process of or have made a heart-felt decision to walk away, knowing it is Read More
Success is in sight for you in all aspects of your life, as you are beginning to see the affects of being aligned with your true self and higher mind. Your ability to hold on to and maintain that alignment is stronger than ever before, mainly because Read More
Creative times are to be had by all today as the Page of Cups breathes newness in to any endeavour. As you start to align your psychic abilities and awareness with your creativity, you have a knowing of your ability to create something truly beautiful, Read More
Ace of Cups typically represents love and new beginnings. If you are already in a relationship, there may be a new surge of energy in your relationship - renewed passion and intimacy. There may be a pregnancy. For those who are single, a new love interest Read More
The more you practice using the “muscle” that is your intuition, your insight becomes more than just flashes, it’s a constant flow of insight. Seek and you shall know. The High Priestess reminds you to keep exercising that muscle. All your answers are Read More
You are becoming more aware of the magic that exists within you – you know, the power that your will and desire has and its ability to help you reach for the stars and make all your dreams come true. The Magician comes to you today to offer wisdom to Read More
If you can visualise what you truly desire in life, then you are more than halfway to manifesting it. This is the stuff of dreams. The Empress is the epitome of the physical manifestation of her dreams – the mother and nurturer in all her abundant form. Read More
Are you umming and ahhhing about an impending pay out for something? It could be that you need to pay for a MOT on your car, a deposit on an apartment or a bill of some sort. The King of Swords is not one for BS, to put it mildly, so when it comes to Read More
The Star is an indication that you are on the right track. You have a heightened sense of self and have a more balanced approach to life and a desire to live in the moment. The energy emanating from you is of inner peace, and your intuition is at the Read More
The Star is an indication that you are on the right track. You have a heightened sense of self and have a more balanced approach to life and a desire to live in the moment. The energy emanating from you is of inner peace, and your intuition is at the Read More
The Page of Swords is curious – wants to know what’s going on but doesn’t necessarily take action. He or she is one who prefers to observe. Observing is ok, but if the next step requires an action, then “sitting on it” is not an option. When you inner Read More
You are in the driving seat and you will reach that destination, whatever it may be, with your will and desire. Success is in sight. The Chariot indicates that your awareness of your psychic abilities is charging full steam ahead as you acknowledge and Read More
The Queen of Swords is the queen in warrior mode. She’s the queen that many do not want to cross. Her sword is her weapon. A situation you are dealing with today requires the warrior within you to cut through the BS that may be coming at you. It may even Read More