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August 2017 - Posts

An event or events from the past may be affecting your present. Beliefs and emotions from a time in your childhood are affecting your ability to have new experiences in life. Call on your inner wisdom to show you what these events are and to be shown Read More
There's a greater sense of your purpose opening up for you more and more. This awareness is also accompanied by a knowing that success is in your sights, whatever your endeavours. Be open to new experiences as there is no limit to your success. Read More
The Ace of Swords is like a BS-detector. When your intellect works in collaboration with your intuition as it should, you can psychically “smell” the BS a mile-off and be guided on how best to deal with that situation in that moment. Today the Ace of Read More
Be open to new ideas, meaning see the bigger picture through the eyes of your inner being. You may be starting a new project – new it is, right down to the very approach that you use. The 8 of Wands indicates a flow of communications. You may even receive Read More
Justice indicates the need to look at a situation objectively. Do not allow beliefs or emotions about whatever you are dealing with to interfere with your ability to see the truth. Be the balance that you truly are. Step away from "the story" or "drama" Read More
Take note of the progress you are making on a personal project as the 7 of Pentacles indicates. You may have set up a new website for your business, for instance. If there is something that you desire to add or to change, you have the knowledge to implement Read More
You are seeking answers on a situation. Those answers are available to you, and the emergence of The Hermit today reminds you: "seek and you shall find". Pay attention to your inner voice. Time spent meditating will be beneficial. Changes are occurring Read More
Life is flowing as it should and there is a great sense of peace and harmony within you. All is well. This is a reflection of the efforts that you have been putting in to create balance in your life. During this healing time, you may attract those people Read More
The awareness that you are one powerful being is, day-by-day, becoming more and more apparent to you as you begin to own your personal power. What is your personal power, you may ask? Knowledge. What is your point of power, you may then ask? Focus, will Read More
Things are picking up for you on all fronts, in all aspects of your life, and today you may be seeing those changes reflected in your financial and material worlds. You may be in receipt of money, or that material item you have been visualising comes Read More
There are new opportunities being presented to you or headed your way. The Ace of Cups reminds you to follow your heart, as what comes your way is highly likely to be something that brings you much joy and contentment, be it in your love life, career, Read More
The Chariot sees you on the road to victory and success. There has been much forward motion occurring in your life in recent weeks as you have put heart and soul into “lightening the load” of baggage. Baggage in this instance being old patterns, habits Read More
The Knight of Swords rides his way through "town" conquering all in sight. Brash, bold and aggressive, nothing is free from the "wrath" of this knight. Today the Knight of Swords may represent somebody you come into contact with. If so, be aware this Read More
You are holding your own as the emergence of the Queen of Pentacles indicates. Your maternal and nurturing instincts are coming to the forefront in your handling of all aspects of life, and you are feeling more secure and stable. As you learn to put your Read More
If you are self-employed or are considering becoming such, you have an awareness of where you are at, what your next step is and exactly how to get there. Your confidence, enthusiasm and self-sufficiency - just like that which the King of Wands exudes Read More
The focus is on studying at this moment as the 8 of Pentacles indicates. You may enrol onto an online course in a subject area that strongly resonates with you. Or you may find yourself participating in a community project - for instance, if you have Read More
You may receive news today that signals a new beginning as the Page of Wands suggests. Something that you have been waiting on is about to take shape. It may be a new project at work, a new job or an interaction with a love interest. Be patient and allow Read More
You are shining and as you come into your power, it's not going unnoticed by those that do not have your best interests at heart. Somebody who you find yourself dealing with today may do their damnedest to get in your way. Be aware and rise to whatever Read More
The card of joy and contentment, the showing of the 10 of Cups today indicates that you are more secure and fulfilled in your life and in your relationships right now. This is a reflection of your positive mindset and commitment to acting on only that Read More
The more you use the “muscle” that is your intuition, the stronger it becomes. And let’s be honest here, as your intuition grows stronger, you can not have it working for you at full capacity without complete and total trust in it. The High Priestess Read More
Your world may be experiencing more balance and harmony at this moment in time as The Star suggests. There is profound healing taking place as this energy permeates all aspects of your life. As you continue to follow your destined path and be guided by Read More
There’s a commitment from you to follow your destined path. When you commit to your purpose, changes occur on all fronts and in all areas of your life with speed. The Hierophant’s message today is to remind you to act on your commitment. For instance, Read More
New beginnings are taking shape. It’s not that these new beginnings were not available to you already, but a new appreciation in life is now making you take heed of these opportunities. You are in a different place and a better place at that, and are Read More
The Knight of Swords is very gung ho in his approach. He has the will, the strength, and the courage to go after what he wants. In that he also has the tendency to be a tad impatient. You are making sound progress in your efforts right about now but remember, Read More
The suit of cups is linked with the water elemental, which in turn is associated with love. Home and family feature strongly in your day and the King of Cups is a reminder to nurture your relationships and your home life. The King of Cups is a family Read More
With the commitment to be your true self in every moment of your life now, you are able to clearly see the truth and what matters. The truth you are now seeing may show you areas of life where you may have fallen short of taking responsibility. The energy Read More
The 4 of Pentacles indicates the need to take a good look at what you perceive about money, then ask yourself if those beliefs are conducive to creating abundance in your life. Money is energy. If you have fears about money and spending it, then be aware Read More
The 3 of Pentacles indicates you are ready to put your skills and abilities in to practice. You may have completed studies and are now ready to put that learning to use. It may even be that you have passed your driving test and are now ready to take that Read More
The Page of Wands rather fittingly shows up this Wednesday. Wednesday is the day associated with communications, psychic awareness and often with business. Pages signify new beginnings and the Page of Wands is especially about communications. If you are Read More
The 8 of Pentacles sees you studying and learning a “craft”. You have committed to the pursuit of knowledge and increasing your skills in an area that resonates with you. You may have even enrolled on a course or decided to go to college in autumn. You Read More