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September 2017 - Posts

The need for nurturing is "on the cards" this Saturday as the Queen of Pentacles, with her maternal instincts, reminds you to take care of you, your loved ones and all your "creations". Your intuition is heightened at this time, and as you pay close attention Read More
What or who are you taking on that has nothing to do with your true self? In other words, something in your life has become an "obligation" or "burden" even. Thing is, that which now presents itself as an "obligation" or "burden" in your life was never Read More
Judgement is calling on you to fully embrace and accept who you are. The work you have been doing up until this point may have involved shedding layers of who you have perceived yourself to be. It may have felt like a deep excavation of your subconscious Read More
You are at the beginning of a new "chapter" in your life. The "plans" for this journey have not been revealed to you. This is a moment-by-moment journey and instead you are to trust completely and wholeheartedly in your intuition. With that spring in Read More
Another showing of the Ace of Cups in a matter of days is a reminder of love and joy. Whatever is going on in your world today, be aware of love and joy in every single moment. Even if you encounter a negative moment or a negative person, do not forget Read More
The World indicates you have achieved that which you set out to in whichever area of your life this particular goal relates to. You have reached your destination. While you are making strides towards being and living who you truly are in every moment Read More
You may have been working on releasing beliefs, habits and patterns that have kept you focused on yourself - the "me, me, me". With this awakening comes an awareness of the bigger picture and the "we" - meaning your place in this world, your connection Read More
The 8 of Wands today signals an end to delays. There is forward movement after a short period of stagnation or procrastination even. Forward movement may come in variety of ways. Communication "lines" are open and you may receive news that will set your Read More
You are now in a position or better position to embrace new beginnings, having gained clarity on an issue that was hindering your ability to get further past the start line. The Ace of Cups heralds in a fresh start, and this time you have the full steam Read More
Is there something from the past that you are clinging on to like a "comfy pair of slippers"? Only thing is, what you are clinging on to is by no means good for you nor conducive to the life you are now creating. The King of Swords, as blunt as he is, Read More
Any meditation work that you do today is going to take you into the depths of the subconscious. It may appear like excavation work is being undertaken. You may come face-to-face with fears, as concerns from the past come to the surface. It is these fears Read More
The desire to acquire your own tarot or oracle deck or any other form of divination tool may be that strong today, as you develop your psychic abilities. Known for her impeccable extrasensory perception, the Queen of Cups comes as a reminder for you to Read More
You know you CAN make whatever your heart desires happen for you. The Emperor emerges today to remind you that if you want something, you have to put your will, desire and intent into it. You are the creator of your own life. Visualise exactly what you Read More
Today may find you making an assessment of your accomplishments. Recognise and acknowledge the progress you have made to date. If there are areas where more is required to get you where you truly desire to be, then make a note of what these are. You have Read More
The card that represents joy and happiness is in and of itself a joy to have in a reading. The 10 of Cups indicates the improvements that you desire in life are becoming a reality. In particular, the 10 of Cups represents relationships and the foundations Read More
Balance is the order of the day when Justice comes up. In order to create balance in one’s life, that balance must exist in all aspects of life – health and wellbeing, relationships, career, finances, etc. If there’s an imbalance in one area, that imbalance Read More
A spark or "lightbulb moment" may have occurred for you in recent days or weeks. Now, as the Ace of Wands emerges today, is the time to take action - plant that creative seed so it can grow, take shape and become a reality. Whether it's putting pen to Read More
Something in your life has come to an end. While you may have previously willingly walked back into a situation that wasn’t working for you, now you have reached the conclusion that it is time to walk away from it altogether. This may be a relationship Read More
Your intuition is very much prominent and dominant in your life at present. You may be experiencing a heightened awareness of all your senses, particularly your psychic senses. Pay close attention. There may be instances where you are "thinking" of someone Read More
There is a message headed your way regarding a project you have been putting your energies into - be it work-related or personal. There may have been delays previously, but today, communications may surface which will present new opportunities to you Read More
Celebrations are to be had today. There may be a birth or a gathering with family or friends to celebrate a birthday. Or you may even acknowledge the progress that you are making, on a personal level, in bringing about positive changes you wish to see Read More
Emotions are interfering with your ability to see the bigger picture around a situation today, as the appearance of The Moon indicates. As long as there is fear, for instance, illusions prevail. Take a step back from the emotions and allow your intuition Read More
The King of Cups follows his dreams and makes them a reality, and with the appearance of this King, attuned to the water element, the energies associated with this card urge you to follow suit. If the idea of setting up your own business is something Read More
You appear to be stalling on an issue or situation that has arisen. It's time to put an end to the procrastination in order to move forward. What is it that has momentarily stopped you in your tracks? When the 2 of Swords comes up, it is time to face Read More
Through the lifestyle choices you are making, you are creating a space that brings you and your loved ones joy. You may have decided to grow your own herbs and now have a small collection of pot plants that sit on your window sill. The 9 of Pentacles Read More
The Magician comes today to share a message about magic, or more to the point, your magic. What is it that you desire in life? Not what other people - like family or friends - desire for you, but what do you truly desire? If you are not sure, then how Read More
It may appear that you are juggling several different things on the go. You will manage to get all of that which needs to be done today, but it will not benefit you to be rigid in your approach. If you have deadlines, you will meet them. Be adaptable Read More
You may be experiencing a heightened sense of justice and the need for justice as you take a look at the world around you. As with anything, that "justice" starts with you. Look at the areas of your life that needs "fixing". The scales of justice illustrated Read More
After a short period of stagnation or delays, things appear to be moving forward again. The 8 of Wands denotes an opening of communications. This awareness or information shared through this communication will enable you to move on to the next step in Read More
Trusting in your abilities is giving rise to your inner strength. And from that place of inner strength, you are able to be in control of your life. There is now heightened awareness and through experience of being your true self, that no amount of chaos Read More