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November 2017 - Posts

A second showing for the King of Pentacles in the last fortnight. The King of Pentacles, possibly the more cautious of the Kings, is not known to be a "risk taker" and is one who some may say "plays it safe". Something you've set your sights on will be Read More
There's a "go get 'em" vibe when the King of Wands shows up. Confidence, charm, enthusiasm and abundant energy will enable you to reach for the stars today. With this energetic flow prevalent through the day, new possibilities may spring up and all that Read More
The 9 of Cups indicates that you are in a good place, and a positive mindset is enabling you to enjoy the abundance you have been creating. Also known as the wish card, the 9 of Cups sees you ensuring that your dreams come true, and engaging in that which Read More
There may be something in your life that keeps recurring, that something that has not been "resolved". It could be a habit or a pattern. Your awareness of this "something" today will be heightened, mainly because your intuition is nudging you to take Read More
The World is an indication that you have come full circle, having successfully reached completion of a goal or project, and are now ready to begin a new phase in your life's journey. As you enter in to this new cycle, you are reminded to be open to the Read More
With The Empress present today, a day full of abundance, joy and whatever your heart desires is a given. It is likely that your day will be centred around the home with family or close friends. There has been a strong focus and emphasis on abundance this Read More
Today may appear like you are “banging your head against a brick wall” over something. Take a closer look at what exactly is causing this. Could it be perhaps your perception of something in your life and how it should be? Ask yourself is that “how it Read More
The 9 of Pentacles today sees you enjoying the fruits of your labour. You are content and have a heightened awareness of being self-sufficient. Whatever you are dealing with today, you will come face-to-face with your creations physically. With the Thanksgiving Read More
The Ace of Wands makes a showing for a third time in the month of November. It has appeared weekly since the beginning of the month. This a good sign. The Ace of Wands is much about creative beginnings and something new coming in to your life. For every Read More
Inner peace permeates your very being today. There is a new found sense of harmony and balance, mainly because of an awareness of the elements - earth, air, fire and water - that reside within you. You may have pinpointed any imbalances, if any, and are Read More
An abundance of pentacles emerged last week, and today with the showing of the King of Pentacles, abundance is set to flourish in your life and is an indication that you will be successful in your endeavours. If you are self-employed or have your own Read More
The 10 of Pentacles heralds in abundant and prosperous times, and an indication of security and stability entering your life - be it your finances, career, family, relationships and home set up. These changes are a reflection of a new vision of how you Read More
It is likely that spending time at home with loved ones is how your Saturday begins and ends - whether it's a celebration of some sorts, sitting down to a meal together or simply hanging out and watching a movie. With the energy of the King of Cups today, Read More
Nurturing is as natural to the Queen of Pentacles as breathing is. You may become more aware of the nurturing energy that exists within you and how to apply it in your daily life to create abundance in all areas of your life. Even when the Queen of Pentacles Read More
When the 6 of Pentacles shows up, there's help at hand. The desire to share with loved ones and those aligned with serving a greater good may be strong. That share may come up in many different forms - be it wisdom, insight, monetary, or a hug from a Read More
The more you become aware of the light that exists within you - the light that is your very being, your very existence - the more adept you are at cutting through illusions. Just as that light shines bright right now, something that you may have brushed Read More
The card of "enlightenment", The Sun sees you approach life and your self with love, light and truth. You are now clearer about your goals on all fronts. There is a sense of happiness and contentment as you now see and energetically experience the effects Read More
The Ace of Wands comes up for the second time in just over a week, signalling more creative ideas and newness heading your way. You are beginning to identify more of what every aspect of your life requires. For instance, if you are wanting to be full Read More
There's a renewed sense of self and trust in your self. As you begin to take a look at the relationship you have with your true self and see what is not working for you, you can eliminate the "problems" once and for all. The stronger your will and desire Read More
You've found that "fire in the belly" and you are charging forth along the path of victory. What you have set your sights on, you know that you will achieve it through your will, inner power, and persistency and consistency. With a positive mindset - Read More
The 4 of Swords is the "time out" card. There may be a heightened awareness today of your body and its requirements. Listen to your body and do not ignore its desire to rest. Even if you do attempt to ignore it and plough on with your daily tasks, the Read More
Something that you desire taking shape, form and showing up in your life right about now is an indication of progress. There are shifts and positive changes occurring and these will continue to occur for you in the coming days, weeks and months. The Emperor Read More
Just as life has been moving at a steady pace the last few days, weeks even, you suddenly hit what seems to be a snag. You may have been working on a project that was near completion and suddenly you are faced with yet another challenge. Although it appears Read More
The 9 of Pentacles indicates a renewed confidence in one self. There has been recent changes in your home set up lately - you may have had a big clear out, donating many old belongings to charities or recycling. As you become more comfortable in your Read More
You may find yourself juggling several different things today. The presence of the 2 of Pentacles suggests the need for flexibility in order to maintain balance throughout your day. Be present in everything that you do. All that your inner being requires Read More
The Devil today indicates that you come face-to-face with your fears. You are getting to the foundations of what keeps you stuck in the "quick sand". You are in a much stronger position now within yourself than ever before to take a closer look at these Read More
The Ace of Wands sees you turning over a "new leaf" and putting your creative energies into what you desire in your world. The "new leaf" you have turned is the way in which you channel your creative energies to create the life you desire - meaning, you Read More
The Lovers indicates the need to make a choice. Decisions need to be made. You must choose either to follow your head, usually a choice based upon fear, worries, doubts or concerns. Or to follow your heart, the choice that resonates with you wholeheartedly Read More
The energy of giving and receiving is such that the two go hand-in- hand - you can not have one without the other. What you give out, you get back in return. And what you receive, you give back in return. Whatever it is you require and have requested, Read More