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December 2017 - Posts

There couldn't be a more fitting card to end the year on than The World. Representative of completion and endings, The World signals that you have completed a cycle in your journey. This particular journey inferred here is the one of self-discovery and Read More
A day full of abundance is indicated with the presence of The Empress. Whatever it is that your heart desires is so already. Your home, family and loved ones will be your priority today as you begin to gather for end of year celebrations. The Empress Read More
Today may feel like you are up against it and being bombarded. It may be so, but you do have the courage to fight back and not allow chaotic situations or people to knock you off your centre. Pay close attention to your intuition, and even though the Read More
A deep sense of inner peace is likely to be experienced today. New beginnings are round the corner and you are feeling optimistic and positive about the coming year. This year has been one where layers from the past have been shed in their droves, followed Read More
The growing awareness that you have what it takes to achieve and accomplish whatever it is you set out to do is a reflection of where you are at right now within yourself. In other words, you are tapping into your inner power and coming to accept and Read More
A situation may arise today which calls for you to view it objectively. Be aware of any preconceived notions or beliefs about a person or situation that attempts to interfere with the truth. Seeing through the eyes of your intuition and determining what Read More
The loving energies of the Queen of Cups heralds in a warm Christmas gathering filled with love and joy. Nurturing comes second nature to the Queen of Cups and with your intuition on fine form today, your empath skills will be put to use as you interact Read More
There are choices and a decision to be made today, but it may feel like the pause button has been pressed, and it probably has, only it's you that has hit pause. At this point, the need to be aware of what has you stumped is crucial to you being able Read More
New opportunities are being presented to you, however you must pay attention that you are not dismissing them in any way. With the energies of apathy and despondency that circulate with the 4 of Cups, be aware of any negative thinking that attempts to Read More
With Christmas round the corner, spending time with children is likely, whether it's your own children or younger family members. Being in the presence of children today brings with it its own message - that of reminding you to be present in all that Read More
The awareness of making choices with your heart, as opposed to your head, has particular resonance for you today. You are seeing the impact of your actions when you do make heart choices and the positive outcomes that you create as a result. If you are Read More
The 3 of Pentacles is an indication that money is headed your way, whether it's payday or money owned to you making its way back to you. There has been a change in your perception of money and a more responsible approach to money is creating a healthy Read More
There’s been a shift in how you handle life. As you learn to always have your intuition at the forefront, the ability to face challenges head on, rather than run the other way as you may or may not have done in the past, is exemplary. You are standing Read More
“Three is the magic number” as the De La Soul song goes. The power of three indicates that you may connect with two like-minded individuals today. You now have a clear “view” of a project that you have started, and the 3 of Wands is a sign that while Read More
There are things in your life that have reached their shelf life and are being discarded from your world completely, totally and entirely now. There is no room for the false sense of self, that is otherwise known as the ego anymore. As the true you comes Read More
The time and energy that you have put into a personal goal has paid off as you've achieved that which you set out to, and are now looking at your creation or "final product" as it were. Enjoy your success today before you move on to the "next leg" in Read More
The 8 of Wands brings some newness in to a project. It's not that you will be starting a "new" project as such, but rather it indicates a new start to an existing project. Following a brief period of stagnation, you are ready to move forward, so be open Read More
You are clearer about what you want in your world - be it a harmonious relationship, an abundant cash flow or successful business - and you are honing all the skills necessary to make it so, through visualisation, affirming it to be so and keeping a positive Read More
The card of union and partnership, the 4 of Wands is symbolic of a committed relationship. The more you commit to being you, who you truly are, and as that relationship with your inner being first and foremost strengthens and develops, it is that level Read More
The King of Swords is one who most certainly "cuts to the chase", and wastes no time with the unnecessary. You may take a similar line to the King of Swords when approaching a subject matter today. However, while this King has a propensity towards logic Read More
Positive steps towards an improvement in your finances is suggested with showing of the Knight of Pentacles today. Very practical in nature, this Knight is conducive to devising budgets. While you may not be one for taking charge of your finances in such Read More
A warm welcome from the compassionate Queen of Cups this Saturday, exactly a week since her last showing, sees you following your heart and soul throughout the day's activities. Pay attention to signs and symbols - everything from a song playing on the Read More
Happy and prosperous times are here as the energies of the 10 of Cups permeate the day. There's a focus on relationships of all kinds - the relationship with your self, your body, your health, your other half, your family, your career and your finances Read More
This week there has been an emphasis on finances, with cards from the suit of pentacles featuring daily since Monday. A change to your financial situation for the better is imminent and with the 6 of Pentacles, there is assistance available to you or Read More
The Queen of Pentacles was last seen in mid-November, and everyday since, you have been etching closer and closer to being your one true self and maintaining that to be so in every moment of your existence. A rich and fulfilling day is to be had, and Read More
The presence of the 8 of Pentacles is indicative of study. Allocating time and energy to "fine tuning" and nurturing your skills today will be time well spent. If there is something that you have brushed aside or neglected recently, now would be an opportune Read More
All the Aces signal new beginnings. As the pentacles tend to deal with money, today’s emergence of the Ace of Pentacles suggests there may be a new project that is set to improve and increase your finances. This project may have been brought to your attention Read More
Change is occurring and with change comes endings. These endings are not to be dwelled on, rather they are necessary for your life to proceed and to progress without the blocks and obstacles that have previously held you and your life in gridlock, as Read More
The Queen of Cups is an indication that your intuition is at the forefront in everything you do, as you make the choice moment-by-moment to be guided only by your intuition. With water being the element associated with nurturing and pure love, the Queen Read More