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January 2018 - Posts

The King of Cups is one who follows his heart in all his endeavours, hence why his home and family is of particular importance to him. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and chooses to work in an area that resonates with him on a soul level, and one where Read More
Something's "lurking" in and around your life that is having a negative impact. The Death card today calls on you to be aware of what that something is because it has become a "broken record". Some old beliefs, belief systems or thoughts appear to continue Read More
The Magician makes an appearance for a second time in exactly a week, putting particular emphasis on the power of your thoughts and focus. Something that you have put time, energy, imagination into through visualisation as well as physical action may Read More
As you learn to follow your heart more and more, you open yourself up to new possibilities. The Knight of Cups today is a reminder to make your choices with your heart rather than your head as there are some heart-felt experiences headed your way. Read More
Changes are occurring in your life and for the better. The Knight of Wands brings buoyant energies to the day, so if there has been a period of stagnation in certain areas, things are likely to speed up now. Enthusiasm and optimism, which is also associated Read More
Putting your energies into honing, finessing and developing your skills is indicated by the 8 of Pentacles. Whether you are at college, attending an evening class or learning from home, studying is a priority. Opportunities to learn will come from different Read More
One of the cards that most strongly represents the energy of happiness, the 4 of Wands is always a pleasure in a reading. If you are in a relationship, you may be getting married or an engagement may be announced. If you are single, the possibility of Read More
A heartfelt trust in your abilities is amplifying your strength and so too, a greater understanding of the inner power that exists within you is enabling you to be present, now more often than not. You have whatever it takes to bring about success in Read More
There has been a lot of movement in many areas of your life since the new year. Enthusiasm may be waning slightly as projects have yet to be completed. Nonetheless you are that much closer to achieving your goals, so trust that all is going at the pace Read More
The awareness that you are the creator of your life has particular resonance for you today, as you endeavour to be mindful of your every thought and every action. Today something that you have focused on creating presents itself to you physically, bringing Read More
A major breakthrough has been reached - you have come through the other end in a project you have been dealing with in recent times and success is now in your sights. You have the courage, the strength and the will to make it to the finish line. Read More
Energy and enthusiasm abounds with the emergence of the Queen of Wands today. You have the ability to create anything that you desire, and you have reached a stage where you are now taking action and are no longer sitting on the fence. This is a good Read More
Something new and special is entering your life - that which will bring you joy and happiness. You may attract a new love in your life or if you are in a relationship, the bond you both share elevates to new heights bringing more of that which you both Read More
You may come face-to-face with someone who sees life in a more conventional way. It may even be a family member who challenges what they see as your "new" way of being, and what you know to be your "true" way of being. Stay true to you and do what is Read More
Rest is required today. If you don’t take the time to rest, the energies of the 4 of Swords suggests you will be forced to take time out. Listen to your body and give your body the time to rest, recuperate, and heal. It’s not that you are feeling “under Read More
You have achieved balance and harmony in your relationships, namely the relationship that you have with your true self and the relationship you have with your other half. The changes that you have so diligently been making on all levels, including physically Read More
The Empress has been a recurring card for some months now. It serves as a reminder to accept and acknowledge who and what you are. Abundance and nurturing is a natural part of you, and the more comfortable you become "in your own skin", so to speak, that Read More
The Moon comes as a reminder today of the importance of your intuition. There may be things that are hidden from you at present. Fears are giving way for illusions to present themselves in full regalia. Do not surrender to your fears. Face them with the Read More
The Chariot denotes that you are charging forth in all areas of life right now, and that forward motion, at great speed, shows that you are in complete control of the reins. Success is imminent. The Chariot also suggests that you may be travelling today Read More
With Friday being the magical day associated with love, relationships and partnerships, romance is likely with the King of Cups. If you are in a relationship, you and your other half may begin the weekend at home enjoying something as simple and pleasurable Read More
The Lovers serves as a reminder that a decision needs to be made. You have choices. In fact you always have a choice in every moment of your life. Today something important requires your attention and there is an action to take, whichever way you choose. Read More
The Tower denotes an unsettling period as changes are imminent, whether you like them or not. Beliefs and belief systems that have kept you locked in to behavioural habits, patterns and thought processes are being pulled down and taken apart from their Read More
A whole lot of love goes into everything that the Queen of Pentacles touches - be it her career, her health, her relationship, her kids and anything and everything that she finds herself dealing with that resonates with her. The energies of this Queen Read More
You have reached an important milestone, which has created an opening for abundance to freely flow into your life. There is clarity on a situation that has in the past caused you much struggle. Now that is no longer the case and you can finally move forward. Read More
A sign of good times, the 9 of Cups indicates a period of contentment, abundance and happiness. Known as the “wish” card, whatever you wish for at this time makes its way to you. It doesn’t matter how your wishes are delivered to you, all that matters Read More
Love is high on the agenda today and as Aces are typically associated with new beginnings, the Ace of Cups is indicative of newness in love and relationships. If you are single, you may meet a new love interest. The more you emanate the love that exists Read More
A positive outlook is giving way to brighter and better things entering your world. Life is treating you well right now, as you enter into a phase of empowerment, enlightenment and a deep appreciation for life itself, and gratitude for that which you Read More
Discernment is required of you to see a situation, an event or a person in an accurate light. Justice reminds you to look at what tools you are using to perceive the situation, the event or the person. If it's not your intuition that you are using, then Read More
Happy New Year! 2018 gets off to a fine start with you starting as you mean to go on with Strength. There's a growing awareness of the power within you and the inner strength to achieve anything that you desire and to breakthrough anything that attempts Read More