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March 2018 - Posts

As the month of March draws to a close and with the long weekend of Easter in full flow, the 6 of Cups indicates there maybe gatherings with children or it may be that you tap into your inner child. You may come across something that rejogs your memory Read More
The Easter Weekend starts with a spring in the step, as the ever buoyant Knight of Wands carries forth the energies of enthusiasm and optimism. Your confidence is soaring and whatever task you handle, you go at it today giving it your best. Read More
Something that you are dealing with requires close attention. You need to be aware of the bigger picture rather than catching glimpses and running away with "two and two put together", so to speak. Allow your intuition to guide you through this situation Read More
Energy and enthusiasm is in abundance today as the Queen of Wands indicates. You are in action and taking the necessary steps to accomplish your tasks. While this is an inspiring time, be sure not to charge forth so much so that you lose sight of the Read More
There is movement in all areas of your life right now. You are in complete control of your life and making changes which are enabling you to achieve your dreams and succeed in all your efforts. A literal journey or travel may also be possible for you Read More
Spring is in the air and today the earth mama in all her grace and glory, The Empress, shines her loving light in to your world. Her entrance serves as a reminder that you are abundant and that all your needs and requirements will be met. Do not waste Read More
A deeper sense of self and of your inner strength, power and courage will be apparent. You are standing up for yourself and can completely hold your own, and are more than capable in rising to any challenge today brings. Read More
As you become more of who you truly are, traditions and beliefs from a “system” that you were brought up in in your youth may resurface. That does not mean to say that you accept that belief system over your own truth. If you come face-to-face with such Read More
The need to nurture “your babies” – be they your children or projects – is very strong today as the energy of the Queen of Pentacles emerges. As you learn to put your life in the trusty and capable hands of your intuition, you will notice that nurturing Read More
Victory and success glides effortlessly through your day today. It’s like you’ve reached an important milestone, where old ways of being and that which has been “clogging up” or “blocking” your path fades into oblivion or rather, is annihilated. With Read More
The desire to be who you were born to be is stronger now, quite possibly more so than it ever has been. With strength and courage, you are dealing with situations in your life from an entirely different perspective to the one you have used, perhaps overused Read More
The Magician is back for some more dealings of the magic variety. Quite frankly, 2018's message to date, given how frequently this card has come up in readings since the start of the year - The Magician emphasises the power of your will, intent and focus Read More
The Knight of Pentacles is persistent and consistent in all his efforts. He puts his all into everything that he considers important and takes full responsibility for all his actions. This methodical approach may not be the most interesting nor creative Read More
Today may find you making an assessment of your achievements. Projects are moving forward and you are taking good strides and making progress in all aspects of your life. However, while you are doing well on all accounts, do not take that to mean that Read More
The 3 of Wands today comes as acknowledgment of the persistency and consistency of your efforts - you have now reached an important milestone in your life and success is in your sights. Read More
There maybe a face off with a family member who appears to clash with your inner truth and knowing. In their eyes, it is "their way or the highway". That does not mean that you back down from your truth to handle them. Stay true to you and do what is Read More
Last seen on the 4 March, the Hermit arises again. Today's emergence of The Hermit is an indication of the desire to retreat inwards to seek assistance with answers and to maintain being present. It is not that you hide away and shut yourself off from Read More
Opportunities may present themselves to you today yet they are treated with disregard. The 4 of Cups suggests that you "clear your view" so to speak or, in other words see through the eyes of your true self, because whatever is being presented to you Read More
After a brief period of stagnation, things are beginning to move forward for you again - communications open up and the flow of energy in and around your life becomes fluid, as blocks and obstacles are removed. Be open to new possibilities in light of Read More
Something new is coming into your life as the Page of Cups indicates. It could be a new work project, a new relationship or a new member of your family coming into this world. Embrace this "newness" with openness as these changes are likely to shake up Read More
Abundant and prosperous times are evident with the 10 of Pentacles. You are moving into a more positive place as far as your finances are concerned. If money is owed to you or you have repayments to make, rest assured that your financial needs will be Read More
Pay close attention to your intuition, as there appears to be something you may be disregarding. Certain things are hidden from you at present. It's not that this is intentional but fears may be at play here. Ask that your inner being make you aware of Read More
The World is an indication that you have come full circle, having successfully reached completion of a goal or project. There may still be a few "loose ends" to tie up here and there that you take care, but "loose ends" or not you are still ready to begin Read More
The 7 of Cups today signals a need for clarity in and around a situation. There are opportunities being presented to you that could improve the situation itself, but there is the risk that you may miss these opportunities if you "have your head in the Read More
Success and victory is yours right here, right now. You have successfully accomplished a goal and are starting to see the fruits of your labour. Or it may be that you have cracked something that has held you in limbo and had a hold of you for sometime, Read More
The King of Cups lives by his heart and you're most likely to find him working from home on his own business, following his passion. Today's energy urges you to "take a leaf out of the King of Cups' book", so to speak. Whatever you put your heart and Read More
The 7 of Wands indicates that you are in a good place and cultivating your strength. Although today is not without its challenges, you are standing your ground and face those situations that you find yourself dealing with with dignity, courage and strength Read More
Time spent focusing inwards will benefit you today. You may be seeking answers to a situation in your life that requires you to meditate and take a deeper look. Whatever inner truth that you discover, the learning is crucial as you will be able to finally Read More
The right thing will be done today, whether this is in a personal situation or a cause that you are backing. Balance and harmony achieved in such a situation ensures that Justice is served. Read More
A situation that you find yourself in or a situation that you have dealt with in the past, that is still affecting your present, needs to be resolved. You "resolve" it by seeing it for what it truly is - that means cutting through the layers of illusions Read More