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April 2016 - Posts

Once you get to your 30's and then 40's you've have experience quite of bit of life. Most of that consist of disappointments and hurt feelings which most tend to hold on to in order to protect themselves from being hurt again. One thing is for Read More
I think a good majority of us women kind of get the two confused when it comes to our feelings. We get involved with a guy and feel that what we are experiencing is true love but in fact it is just infatuation or a huge crush at it's finest. What's Read More
Hmm. How can we do better single ladies? Easy. "Be Assertive." Don't be afraid to ask questions. Questions limits guessing.Author: Jessica BrownWant to talk to me live? Click CHAT NOW or give me a CALL NOW. Read More
A little help for you manifesters today. Instead of saying I wish I had or even fantasizing about the greatest love, say, "I already have." and "I am, right now." Fantasizing is signaling to the Universe that you don't have so it reflects back like Read More
You may have seen several sequences of numbers. 333,222,111 or 211, 411,511,911 or 1111 and think, well that's weird or maybe you are very curious and did research.  There are a lot more different numbers and they may not be attached to double Read More