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March 2016 - Posts

Forewarned is Foretold - This is such a true statement on so many levels I wouldn't know where to begin and end with this post because there are so many variables in foretelling. This is where I say that if you just tell the truth you don't have to remember Read More
Life in the Day of the Divine Mystic Jypsie is just that Mystic and or mysterious! Living a life in the day of twisted can be often times difficult so readers don't let things get so twisted you can't see through the dark of dawn to the light of faith Read More
This post is about Gracie who has a wand but its more a figment of speech as there is no wand it's just a metaphor for being able to over come the challenges set forth and is really meant for someone that I love dearly with all my heart! It goes with Read More
This is what the world card signifies in my eyes - the ending and beginning to cycles of life and how that looks in your world or to the world! Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith Read More
The Easter Day ended in a way I saw coming but didn't know what it looked like either until realization hit me about the time I had a B moment - What is a B moment - it's a moment when you think of a back up plan and you are glad you had one! When you Read More
Money really doesn't buy happiness it only makes life easier! What does money buy; your essentials and why people think that chasing money is happiness. It's a must have in order to survive in life this is why it's a root to evil! Just really think Read More
Happy Easter and Blessings Today - The Divine Mystic Jyspie Read More
What is clarity - it's the truth behind the Hidden Messages - Political Science and Social Media Studies is where this stems from - communication is such a key factor in our world today that it is imperative that we all communicate verses just watch the Read More
Do you know anyone that has guides like this? I do and it's quit interesting to read with them - Here is to all the people who have spirit guides and may they guide you well! Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith Read More
I was sitting around listening to music one night and this song played and it reminded me to let all my fans know that no matter what they are going through "every little thing is going to be alright". If we are all living karma free and walking in the Read More
Love is an amazing thing once you fully understand how love really works! If you ever wondered why people die of a broken heart don't wonder further - get the answers you so desire around love because loving with all your heart is where it's at and what Read More
Its really hard to explain our ability to see signs and miss signs at the same time or maybe you just chose to ignore them because you didn't have the facts however you will! It's all about music and money! Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Fait Read More
Well if you want to know how talented I am in relevance to a Day in The Life of a Divine Mystic Jypsie, very talented by doing a lot of research and I had many to whom guided me along the way! Life is a journey. Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Read More
How does your bracket look? I did my last minute one with no info so I can't wait to see how it shakes out. I would be interested to share and see how we are all doing that follow college basketball. We should have a customer and advisor pool where 1/2 Read More
It's called a Queen who is really just a simple lady! What I have learned is, it's all about money, greed and power or protecting one from it! I have learned so much on the journey to understand life while trying to master my craft. Education is key Read More
In the reverse order of having to look at life backwards and forwards in order to fully understand the dynamics of life in a large sea of people from a completely different perspective - we never quite learning until the day we die! Blessings - The Divine Read More
It's both for me! It's all about understanding your roots, heritage, culture, family their traditions etc. You too can arrive at the same place within your own family if you do the research to understand life based on your up bringing from Government Read More
The post has no relevance to anything other than numbers, the way we look at numbers, our lucky numbers, our life numbers, our numerology, our birth dates and times, our world in conjunction with numbers. There is deeper roots in the numbers, knowing Read More
Truth shall set you free and it always prevails - lying gets you no where and ends up hurting you in the end! You must look within and ask were the lies worth it, as most often it has negative impacts and you end up looking like the fool for lying! Read More
Five of Swords - It is a card that talks about dishonesty along with greed coupled with loss! This is a card that talks about the past in regards to conflicting with others and if things are not handled appropriately it leads to tension and hostility. Read More
Life in the day of being Mystic can be exhausting at times but very rewarding! Spending countless hours mastering the craft while helping others is the best part about my life's journey! Pay it forward and do the right thing for the right reason not Read More
Simple Stupid - it really does pay off not to judge others and be kind! You never know who you are being kind to in life so why not just be kind all the time! If you are having a bad day - stay home and continue living karma free - Blessings - The Divine Read More
Faith is where it's at! There are good and evil in every business it's not different in the world of divination! Evil is evil and good is good! You may chose to be evil in any career field. However, I am a reader who walks in the light of faith and Read More
Simple Science is behind many things we look into in the world of Tarot! Not only do you need to know how to read the divine deck you must apply logic, reasoning and a moral compass when helping others to learn how to follow the signs! Blessings - The Read More
In order to understand love and relationships you must understand people from a completely different perspective, starting with love and logic! We will get more into the logic behind love, lust and friendship as we continue the journey together of capturing Read More
It makes the world go round in many mysterious ways! Read More
There is no such thing as free to anything in life unless someone just does it because they care otherwise there is a price tag to everything we do in life! It's all about money - that is where hatred comes from - money is the root of evil! Live, laugh Read More
Life is just that it's very twisted - most often people do what they feel is in your best interest but the problem with that is they don't even know what your interest are because they never took time out to understand! Regardless - walk in the light Read More
Love is blind but is it really? It's not because everything we do in life is about or for love! It's really just the facts about the big word I love you - think about this in relevance to your own lives. Everything in our life is about love and when Read More
The love between a mother and a daughter is like a marriage its in-explainable on any level beyond ones ability to understand and it's something you can never replace is the bond between a mother and a child! Anyone who attempts this is walking through Read More
I am a simple jypsie who is from a small town that lives in a big city and loves the study of life and helping others! Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith - Read More
Partly Cloudy with Sun on the way - laughter makes the day more simple! There are signs in everything we do and studying the signs is a really cool job and lots of fun most often but we still have to make light humor once in a while - enjoy mine! Read More
Understanding your birth sign can help in understanding who you are, your make up in further understanding your personality in conjunction with when you are born. I didn't realize how much that involved getting to understand personalities from a astrological Read More
I hope all of my fans and readers saw how beautiful it was! Read More
Who moved my cheese - it's not about the book it's about strategy in life of moving one's cheese and then you move their cheese to see who is the best cheese mover when it comes to the true facts about life. I am a an accurate reader of faith who looks Read More
Life really can be twisted depending upon what you study in relevance to the times and a biblical based outlook! No matter what type of twist your life has just know someone else's is more twisted! The Divine Mystic Jyspie - Faith Read More
To my fans - this is a blog about a Day in The Life of Twisted - enjoy reading the new cited version of The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith Read More