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April 2016 - Posts

I have saved the title in order to come back and write about each one of these in a format that 1+1=2 Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith Read More
The art of war is understanding the enemy including their friends, family and alliances - Blessings The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Love, Hope, Faith and Charity! Read More
It's amazing how astrology plays into real life from every facet of study there is! That's the cool thing about it. Look at the Almanac you will find all kinds of interesting things to study! Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith Read More
The Number 12, this could be a long post as the number 12 has so many meanings to it from the Big 12, The 12 Reserves, Military Terms 12, Divided in two it becomes 6, flip it over and it becomes 21 keep winning, 12 Roman Numerals, 12 notes, if not mistaken Read More
In my way of thinking it's such a great question and here is why - it's a question and a statement wrapped into one - cause really you never know when something is over if you don't have the closure one needs in order to go forward in a normal sense. Read More
Life isn't easy no matter who you are we all have our challenges and or obstacles that impact our day to day decisions. It's how we decide to over come them is what makes the difference in all things! Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith Read More