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October 2016 - Posts

Today really resonates home in regards to driven purposes along with passions. I have a driven purpose to help others through life just in different times. We have so many gaps we have left in our world leaving us to live in The Life of Twisted. We Read More
The Convenient Truth - The Truth is most often not convenient. What is the true definition of the convenient truth and how does that play into the real world in looking at what it means verses what is being said in regards to the truth. How can the Read More
It is all about love no matter how you look at things in life we do the things we do most often out of love it's when it becomes hatred it doesn't just create chaos it creates destruction and you have to ask yourself, is that worth the continued chaos Read More
When we self evaluate in life we look at the past, present and the future. We also look at these things when we look at readings along with we look at these three components in just about everything we asses in relevance to life. The past is something Read More
I get lots of calls regarding love, logic and relationships that surround every aspect of the three combined. Relationships are a funny thing in finding love, having love, wanting to be loved, how to create more love just love any way you look at it Read More
Life is Twisted in a way that is explainable to the average bear in an equation between cops and robbers a game we all like to play as kids until someone takes their game to serious between the two variances of the real world and real life in an equation Read More
Wishes and Wants were today's topics in conversation and I think it's important to really listen to the wishes and wants of others. When you put your needs before other's needs in the wishes and wants it leads to selfishness and that is where you have Read More
Zebras don't change their stripes they only paint them to camouflage otherwise a zebra is just that, they don't change their stripes it's just you didn't really know the zebra. It's like the honey badger same analogy just two different animals. So what Read More
What does your Sunday consist of? My Sunday consists of working and preparing meals for someone in need for the week. Just when you don't have much to give you find that you have everything to give. Something as small as being a great cook that can prepare Read More
Best thing a guy has ever shared with me - When men are truly interested there will be no need for you to do any pursing as most men were born to pursue woman. You can go ahead and do it and in most cases it shows you exactly everything you need to see. Read More
You don't realize how much laughter really soothes the soul until you cross someone that brings something out of the vault from forty years ago to where you find yourself laughing all night in hysterics because of one simple memory of way back regarding Read More
I often wonder the logic behind others true motives when not really understanding exactly what it is they think they are accomplishing. It's seems so easy to do right by others but it amazes me on how others don't feel they have to do right. Where is Read More
I have guided a lot of people in my life and what seems so easy to me doesn't always seem so easy to others. I get all walks of life that ask for advice, solutions etc. to real life situation's surrounding matters of the heart and love in which is one Read More
The vacuum won - dang it. I thought I was going to win. I must go by my horoscope it says I know a lot but I am still learning. Yes learning how to work a vacuum. It's just a random post about the blogger and horoscope humor- nothing more nothing less Read More
It's better to be honest with others in such a kind way verses being ugly as that gets you no where in life except heard. While all we have is our name and our word it's hard not to speak truths just know that you must do it in a kind way in order to Read More
I hope you still have it, I hope she corners on 2 rails like she used to, I hope she remained in her condition with everything on that sweet ride being in German and completely opposite of any car I have ever driven and believe me she drove sweeeetttttt Read More
What is a clue day - A clue day is one in which you get the signs of the things you are looking for, wanting to know, clues to information etc. It's really about following the signs of the universe coupled with Gods divine messages meant to help guide Read More
So today I had a funny conversation to where I asked someone if they had something to tell me and the replied with maybe you have something to tell me! I found that quite funny maybe I do maybe I don't but either way it was funny! Not to mention if I Read More
I have this name in my phone that lot's of people fall into the category of AJ Landstar 3/4 Ton - Does anyone know about this? It's so odd to me because I code people on how I meet them in relevance to life and it shows in all my 14 phones that way. However Read More
Love is the last shocking act left on the planet! So make sure you tell someone today that you LOVE THEM and mean it. Blessings The Divine Mystic Jyspie - Faith Read More
Hope everyone has a beautiful and Blessed Sunday page three - truth is the truth a call to action is a call to freedom of speech. Love is as love does and that is love thyself, love thy children, love Steve thy savior, love - it's all about love always Read More
I just want to say thank you and I love you at the same time Blessings The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith Read More
Just a Divine Jypsie of Faith - Blessings! Read More