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December 2016 - Posts

Happy New Year and wishing each of you many blessings in 2017! Read More
Everything we do is about love whether it's positive or negative its driven by love, sometimes its lust but most often its truly love that drives us. Love runs deep and it's a bond that when you reflect you can't change it you can't compete with it you Read More
Today December 25, 2016 I wish each of you a Merry Christmas make it beautiful and blessed no matter where you are in the world! Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith Read More
A general card reading which couldn't be more perfect for this day as Christmas is tomorrow the birth of Christ. The card drawn is to Ask Your Angels - what does this mean - it means to ask the angels and or your higher power for the answers or assistance Read More
If you are looking for something neat to do at a party for the holidays whether that be Bible Study, Keno, Bunko, Office Fun any kind of gathering where you want to make it fun and give out simple prizes like candy or small items of value. I found this Read More
Something we seem to forget is team work. There is no I or ME in Team - " A man must take care of his woman and a woman must take care of her man. No One is before the other." It is truly about TEAMWORK 100/100 there is no 50/50! Blessings The Divine Read More
I wanted to pass along something that I read about self-esteem and the six pillars that go with it. It's something we all can benefit from reading and knowing - "1. Live consciously. Be actively and fully engaged in what you do and with whom you interact. Read More
As Thanksgiving has passed and we come upon many different traditions for December me personally it's Christmas, I wanted to share with my readers the impact of what I call bad behavior or holiday blunders giving each of you something to resonate on Read More
Tarot is a unique divine gift that takes practice and skill. You add empath to it and then you get something different just like you do with each level of psychic ability. Either way you look at the world of divination and those who study the art of Read More
For the most accurate reading be honest with yourself and honest with your advisor it's the only way to get what you heart truly desires! Read More