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January 2017 - Posts

I wanted to share with my readers some stats on failing relationships and how communications in three different formats can really hinder any type of relationship because of the perception verses reality and the way we read what others send us or show Read More
I first want to say sorry to my readers as I know you look forward to what I have to say and have neglected that part of my helping others to succeed in all things which brings me to tonight's blog topic. You know if you do right by others most often Read More
As I was sitting here tonight thinking about what to blog about I touched my Angel Deck and out pops the card called Opportunity. When you look at the beautiful Angel on the card with her arms up towards the heavens as she is giving everything to God Read More
When we talk about picking a life partner it is unlike death and the universe as it is something that is fully in your control. Choosing a partner or shall I say the right partner here are some things to think about when doing so that I find might help Read More
“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” ~George Bernard Shaw Read More
When looking at life in today's chaotic world it's really important no matter what just to be humble and kind even if someone doesn't deserve it you kill more flies with honey isn't that the ole adage. Imagine if we all got back to being kind, loving Read More