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July 2017 - Posts

What do you do if your kids lied? How do you handle their lies? Do you sit silent with children who lie? Have you ever thought about a child who lies and what the greater impacts of that are? How that can look? How that can impact you or anyone you know Read More
So I was out driving around doing adulting and while doing so I prayed for God to give me a sign on various different pieces of my life but especially direction at that given time and moment. The irony is I turned the corner and someone very near and Read More
Old habits will never ever open new doors for you! "Wordsofsuccess" Read More
I never believed in broken hearts but as of today I do feel there is validity to dying from a broken heart - Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith Read More
I love you with all of my heart is all I can come up with for a blog today! I love you to the moon and back! I love you both conditionally and unconditionally! I love you in a better or worse light! I just love love love you! How do you explain love Read More
Chaos isn't a pit. Chaos is a ladder...and the climb is all there is. —Petyr Baelish Blessings The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith Read More
So astrology has been given to humanity to help guide them by making them conscious of their patterns and tendencies in this life according to what are called the four Parusharthas, or guidelines for conscious living. They are: Dharma (right conduct) Read More
How to protect yourself once you spot ‘em Toxic people drive you crazy because their behavior is so irrational. Make no mistake about it — their behavior truly goes against reason, so why do you allow yourself to respond to them emotionally and get sucked Read More
The simplest way to explain two very different types of readings is to say; I am a Tarot Reader I don't read minds I read cards that tell me what's going on and then guide others with Faith - This is my only way to simply explain Tarot Readings verses Read More
When you get readings then you must realize those readings can be anything from the day of the reading as we talk to the past, present and future and up to 90 days and then you have to factor when reading for others. So your outcomes could vary depending Read More
This is a good watch to get educated on how to tell the fakes! Read More