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August 2017 - Posts

I love you for the hard work you are putting into walking through the light of faith and not the dark of dawn! It's so much easier to love than to hate or what I call despise. Peace using love and logic in conjunction with wisdom and knowledge is a great Read More
I get lots of calls about relationships and if they can be repaired or will there be love coming in for them. Remember you must move into the realm of new relationships with a clean canvas and the past baggage resolved. Start working today towards healthy Read More
How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.2 – Wayne Dyer - Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith Read More
The biggest thing I have learned over the last week is its okay to be unique and different. People love you for you don't short yourself, have confidence and keep the faith going - Blessings The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith Read More
The Devil is just as real as God is and during retrograde I came to realize Hell is here on Earth and if you want to make the best of Peace here on Earth than learn to walk with God at all times - Faith in a higher power don't care if the higher power Read More
During this time I had someone ask me if I believed in a higher power and the power of prayer - ABSOLUTE I do and I think we should all believe in a higher power and start praying for peace in our lives during this time of retrograde. With the power Read More
During this time we should all be praying for extra strength during this divine moment of peace making Listen to your hearts, be kind, forgive, clear up everything you have to so you may start your positive cycles. The power of prayers! Blessings - Read More
If someone were to ask me what is my passion I would say rehabilitation and education is my true passion along with God's calling. Blessings, The Divine Mystic Jypsie Read More
It aligned in a way that one can only dream of but there is something to retrograde and the scales of Justice - it pays off to do right by others - Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith Read More
It isn't easy doing God's work by delivering messages from the Angels to whom are his messengers. There is good and evil in everything we do in life. You can either choose to walk in God's way from a faith stand point understand how a higher power works. Read More
You have to keep your faith and listen to God's messages no matter how they are delivered. The devil never stops working and it takes incredible strength to not fall prey to him. You must keep your life in balance and you must remove yourselves from Read More
If the past is not resolved, future relationships will suffer! Let your heart heal, before you open the door to another. "Leon Brown" Read More
1. You’re Going to Regret How Much Time You Spend on Social Media Social media is amazing, and I’m as addicted to it as you are. But social media is also making us all more disconnected than we’ve ever been before through the illusion of increased connection. Read More
What do you do when life twists past your capacity to understand why someone would want your life to be so twisted! However, you must look through the entire twisting to figure it out in it's entirety. What you often times think is good for you really Read More