January 2017 - Posts

This months moon comes bearing the gift of expanded consciousness. And reminds us to all stand together as one... not divided.. not alone.. together.. An Aquarian paradigm is rising across our planet, made up of people like you and me who stand for Read More
The Devil card reminds us to ask ourselves, where you are feeling stuck or restricted in your life. You may be tricked into believing that you are being controlled by external forces when in fact you have created your own chains of imprisonment and powerlessness. Read More
Today this card indicates that things that you started some time ago are starting to come to fruition. It can also show a need for new things - new adventures, new approaches, and new ideas. The Page brings us positive energy. As Far AS Love Is Concerned: Read More
The 4 of Swords (wind) is a card that signifies a break (or need for a break) from normal life. This can also mean that you or someone in your life may withdraw for a time. This withdrawal is not likely to be permanent. It's a clear signifier to give Read More
All things are possible today, with the "wish" card guiding you! The appearance of this card is usually a portent of happiness, and good things about to come. It also usually means that what you want is likely to come into being in your life. Good Read More
Are you attending a special event today? This will be way more fun than you are anticipating. So, go, and have a good time. Business is also likely to be going very well at this time, you will be proud of yourself, and others will be proud of you. But Read More
Todays Temperance card is about balance and relationships of all kinds. Friendships, family, romantic partnerships, and work partnerships all need your attention. Although in general all your relationships are likely to be going quite well, you may Read More
Today will be filled with high energy and can lead to a busy and active day. You will radiate health and vitality and have an inner vibrancy that fills you with ongoing energy and inspiration. Remember, you are a natural-born, intelligent leader who actively Read More
When this Princess rules the day expect to come into contact with demanding or unfair situations. Try to use clarity and level headed thinking to cut away unnecessary rubbish, get behind the smoke-screens and see right to the heart of any situation that Read More
Here is the answer: Every relationship has a cycle… In the beginning; you fall in love with your partner. You anticipate their calls, want their touch, and like their idiosyncrasies. Falling in love wasn’t hard. In fact, it was a completely natural Read More
The night of the Full Moon, is a great opportunity to take a look inward and see what is healthy and unhealthy in our lives. As it reflects the light of the Sun, the Full Moon illuminates our inner worlds, and reveals to us what we’re hanging onto. This Read More
The 4 of Pentacles can be a card about holding on to things, people, money, or situations longer than is healthy or realistic. Today is a great day to look closely at what is really important.. you must look carefully at what you are clinging to, and Read More
Let your light shine. Be confident with who you are! Anything is possible today... Throw off any cultural conditioning that keeps you from being authentic with yourself. Step into the full light of truth and reveal your motives and principles. Once Read More
Today, don't forget to take some time for yourself, sometimes life gets us going and we forget that we need some alone time... We also need time to reflect, forgive, forget and to, most importantly... Let go Read More
Great day to celebrate! 4 Of Wands!!!! So, go, and have a good time. Business is also likely to be going very well at this time, you will be proud of yourself, and others will be proud of you. Although this is a very positive card.., it shows also Read More
Today is a good day for MONEY!!!! General: The 6 of Pentacles is often a card about generosity, meaning that you are either about to be the beneficiary or the giver of something with value. Share what you have as there is always someone who needs it. Read More
Here are three ways psychics help paranormal investigators. Psychics and Ghosts Are Drawn to One Another:: Psychics are naturally lured towards supernatural activity because of their extrasensory abilities. Ghosts and other supernatural entities Read More
In General: Just like with the Strength card, you may even more so be in the frame of mind that you need some time alone - don't be afraid to take it. Even if it's just a five minute walk around the house so that you can clear your head. This is also Read More
1. Start a Meditation Practice. There are scientific studies that show the many benefits of meditating. To name just a few, meditating helps to improve your mood, it reduces stress, it lessens anxiety, and it even increases your brain’s grey matter Read More
A rare astrological event will be occurring from January the 7th until February the 6th. It is referred to as APDM. That is an abbreviation of, "All Planets in Direct Motion". It is a phrase coined by Stephanie "Wave" Forest, she was the first astrologer Read More