February 2018 - Posts

The 4 of Pentacles reversed often implies that you are holding on to things, people, money, or situations far more than you should for your own well-being and piece of mind. It's time to relax and to remember that you cannot control what others choose Read More
Many of you don't know that on top of working for Keen, I am a Psychic Medium for a private Paranormal Team, yes, Ghost Hunting. I have worked along side some of the most world renowned parapsychologist and investigators in the field. I have conducted Read More
Today's card, 4 of Earth, can be a card about holding on to things, people, money, or situations longer than is healthy or realistic. When this card appears in a reading, it's a sure sign that you must look carefully at what you are clinging to, and whether Read More
Tragedies around the world strike fear into the hearts of millions. Most recently, fear was struck into the hearts of people in Florida, after the mass shooting in a school, this past week. These tragic events have been devastating to watch unfold. Read More
The 4 of Swords (wind) is a card that signifies a break ,or need for a break from normal life. This can also mean that you or someone in your life may withdraw for a time. This withdrawal is not likely to be permanent. It also occasionally means illness Read More
The reversed Ace of Swords,(one of wind, in my deck) though generally a positive card, warns that you must be very careful with your thinking. When it appears, it is easy to feel that something is positive when in fact it is not. Seek outside input. Read More
Be serene in knowing you are succeeding in your goal. Today's card suggests a course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible. All things are possible today... The World card (the universe) may be giving you Read More
We know that Feb 14th is a day of love, that we are to shower our loved ones in displays of affections, and we are to eat an unhealthy amount of chocolate. (I do for sure) Some revel in the glory of love while others curse the holiday to the depths of Read More
The 2 of Cups (water) often refers to romantic partnership even when reversed, but that is not its only connotation. It can speak of balance, friendship, joy, and sharing. Today the reversed 2 is a card that says that things are likely to be Read More
At one time or another, it happens to everyone: You set an item down somewhere, or it falls out of your purse or pocket, and despite all of your best efforts to locate the object it cannot be found. This can be a frustrating, even haunting experience. Read More
The 2 of Swords reversed is a card about partnership and balance. It may be that the time has finally come where you are truly ready to open yourself up to a deep, meaningful partnership - and this can be on a personal or professional level. However, Read More
With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I hope this gives you some great ideas on rekindling romance and bring love back into your life! Your love was once strong. Now there are more bills to pay, crying children, opinionated in-laws, and sleepless Read More
If you're waiting for news from someone or something, you are likely to like what you hear. The Knight of Swords can point to lots of activity, travel, being out and about, getting things accomplished. You are unlikely to feel like waiting for anything Read More
When the 10 appears, it is a clear signal to be careful about where you put your trust. When we see the 10 of swords come up, it is a good idea to ask yourself the question, as to whether you can believe what a person is telling you, or trust that a Read More
At some point in our lives, we’ve all experienced synchronicities – coincidences in which highly improbable events occur. You’re thinking about an old friend that you haven’t seen in years, then receive a phone call from them a few seconds later. You Read More
The High Priestess is a very spiritual card - often with sexual overtones. This is a time to rely on your intuition and your inner knowledge, rather than your conscious mind or intellect. Pay attention to your dreams. Synchronicities are likely now. Read More
In reversal, the Chariot is still a card about movement. This movement can be literal from one physical place to another or metaphysical - a change in where you or someone close to you needs a change in their heart and/or mind. The reversed Chariot Read More
Imbolc is the Celtic day of Cailleach, she was known for gathering fire wood for the rest of the winter. Legend has it that if she intends to make the winter last a good while longer, she will make sure the weather on Imbolc is bright and sunny, so she Read More
The 5 of Cups (water) is another card which reminds us that where we put our focus in life has a great deal to do with the quality of our lives and how well they work for us. What are you going to choose to focus on? Today is a reminder to watch Read More
The 7 of Cups is a card about choices and a need for INSIGHT. It often indicates confusion and can even also point to disorganization and too much going on. Today is a good day for self reflection! This card points to a need to narrow your focus. Read More
Happiness is a choice. Ok, so there are things out of our control that can affect our happiness, but how many of us approach the start of a new year filled with optimism, promising ourselves we are going to be happy? With lists of all the things you want Read More