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Hope you had a chance to catch the Super Blood Moon Eclipse I was up doing healing work last night and was able to catch this beautiful event..... Enjoy! Read More
Thursday, October 19th, 2017. The New Moon is in Libra. This month New Moon is in Libra, you will want to plant a seed that draws in Libra energy such as harmony, relationships, love, romance, balance and fairness. Libra is represented by Read More
Outside my window, an amazingly beautiful change has begun. As it happens every fall, the leaves turn as gold as the sun, burnt orange, and bright red, the wind begins to blow them off the trees & the cooler temperatures start moving in. It’s beautiful Read More
Ready, set, release. On September 6, 2017, the Pisces full moon opens a potent portal for healing and compassion across divides. On September 6, 2017, life takes a turn for the esoteric and enchanted when the Pisces full moon lights up the skies. Read More
Everyone who gets nervous each time Mercury goes retrograde can relax for while. Today, Mercury retrograde ends and Mercury goes direct again. That means enough of the drama and mis-communication of the last few weeks. After Mercury goes retrograde Read More
I hope we can connect so that I can find you the answers you need! I have the ability as a medium to see how loved ones are feeling and what they are thinking. I have been doing love and relationship readings for over 20 years, predicting Read More
There is going to be a meteor shower on 12th of August, 2017. According to astronomers this will be the brightest shower in the recorded human history. It will light up the night sky and some of these might even be visible during the day. This meteor Read More
Monday Aug 7th will be a powerful New Moon Lunar Eclipse... Followed By The Solar Eclipse on Aug 21st!. LUNAR ECLIPSE! Monday Aug 7th! Monday's Eclipse is about releasing and letting go, however what makes them potent is that the Read More
The June solstice – your signal to celebrate summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere – happens on June 21, 2017 at 4:24 UTC. That’s 11:24 p.m. CDT in North America on June 20. For us in the Northern Hemisphere, this solstice Read More
Known in some cultures as the “Strawberry Moon,” the full Moon for June 2017 is a being called a “minimoon” because it will appear as the smallest Moon of the year as it’s furthest from Earth. What will be more apparent is that it’s the lowest Moon of Read More
The potent Super New Moon falls in the air sign of Gemini on May 25th, 2017. This will bring us the lesson of self reflection through the myriad mirrors of external forms. She teaches us to trust our internal channels of communication and guidance Read More
Mercury is once again going retrograde starting off in Taurus and ending in Aries. This is when it appears to be going backwards from our geocentric (Earth-based) perspective. It officially begins on April 9th/10th and lasts until May 3rd/4th. Some of Read More