The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.

May 2007 - Posts

    When someone says "I love you," we look into that person's eyes to judge his or her sincerity. When we meet someone new, we pick up on tiny face signals of interest.  How do you tell if they are sincere with you?  It’s all Read More
  The cat is in the middle of the yard, eyes closed in some great Universal knowing on my new flower transplants.   We flow in my Garden of Eden as one, her walking along beside me but not too close.  She stays just far enough away Read More
Beautiful Art Work.....Complex Symbolism.......Gay Tarot.....Angel Tarot.....Goddess Tarot.  The choices of card design are as varied as the people who design them. How I wish I could find a deck for "TAROT CHANNELING."  I Read More
    It happened so subtly.  My mother was the strongest woman I have ever known.  But at home, behind closed doors, the shrieking, crying and slapping was a reguler occurance.     She belonged to the Daughters Read More
     Cats have a life span of  22 years,  and have seen every thing from Egyptian worship to slaughter in the Grand Inquisition.  Their mystery is in their independent attitude.  Even red necks Read More
    "The Secret" says our thoughts have frequencies.  Frequencies have vibrations.   Vibrations create movement......It is my opinion that the answers and movement created on a Ouija board are created by our own vibrations of Read More
How a Reader Lives Their Life is Often In How They Read...   The Consistent Reader Follows a Strict Work Schedual .......   This is the person that you can count on in normal life to be on line when you need them.  Read More
I climbed into my sparkling clean car dressed in a Gretta Garbo black velvet vintage dress, hair perfect.  As I drove 14 miles to the University Town to give a Poetry/ Music / Psychic Show I felt magnificent.  My attitude attracted like Read More