The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.

August 2007 - Posts

Often times Intuitive workers bring in the troubled souls that no one else can imagine speaking with.  A similar scenario happened to me once concerning a desperate voice on railroad  tracks.  The person was endangered with pain and violence, Read More
  Before you bring an antique into your home, do you trustingly believe that its electrical energy will compliment your home just because it looks good?  The spiritual rule is to air antiques for two weeks in a protective area, outside Read More
Autumn gives new meaning and wonderful opportunity to give Psychic Readings at Harvest Moon and Halloween Parties.  Here are some do’s and don’ts I have learned:       1} Avoid the Tupperware Seller Scene.  If the Psychic Read More
When young girls are replaced by the birth of a son, or feel their fathers wish that they were a boy, it isn’t uncommon to try to become a man for Dad.  They can be the Combat Flyer, the Executive, a Madam,  Race Car Driver or Read More
    When my step father died my mother went through hell.  Lights would pop and explode from over head in sequence, that led from kitchen to his back study.  In our family we would nervously laugh, sure that he was trying to Read More
There's an old law that says:  If he hasn’t left his partner the first year that you are together, it’s doubtful he will leave the second year.   If he hasn’t left his mate the second year and you stay,… Well bless your heart.  Read More
 An astronaut rides miles in a diaper obsessed on revenge.   Van Gough cut his ear off for it. A Bible passage forewarns "thou shall not covet"... yet we burn for another.  We must have more.  Obcession feeds life Read More
    As I gave readings at a fair in a white lace tent, 3 orthopedic shoed, patent leather purse slinging ladies frowned in at me.  Clearly they had just left church and decided I was evil. I expected any moment they would scream Read More
    When Sue's friend died she was sick with grief.  A bedraggled homeless dog was hanging around the neighborhood.  As if two soul mates, they connected immediatly on her way to and from work.  Soon the dog was eating oatmeal Read More
When my Golden Retriever became sick I started to supply myself with as much information on possible age related sickness I could find.  Here is information I found that may be valuable to you if your dog if undergoing chemotherapy or radiation Read More
There is awe in the natural ability of an individual that can create a painting, sculpture, or musical masterpiece.  We become their most enthusiastic fan, as well as friend.  It is an honor to promote them and love them. But what happens when Read More
One of the ways that I mentor my clients on developing their intuition is by a system I call “The Scale.”  I advise it to people who make chronic wrong choices on life mates, or financial investments. Often these people fall for Read More
A friend of mine was shocked to answer her door and find a man a day early for a coffee date.  She didn’t have a stitch of make up on, was dressed in a sweat shirt and her hair was messy.  Shocked by her looks, he stammered and turned Read More
  Shaving ones legs seems important to the preparation of cleaning the conscious, giving a new face to a new day.  Like a barometer of things to come, shaving gives a "spirit" to the coming  of an approaching plan. The Read More
   In Native American Culture a Power Totem Animal is an animal symbol that serves as a guide through life.  You may find the following exercise a fun and interesting way to channel the energy of animals. 3 ways to Channel through Read More