The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.

September 2007 - Posts

    I had my powdered Marie Antoinette wig, brown renaissance dress, full powdered face with eye make up, and Tarot reading props packed in a bag last night.  That’s when the call came that the Psychic Party of 10 women I was going to Read More
She sat in a wicker chair dressed in a colorful caftan robe and head dress.  A candle flickered on the table before her, next to it a spread of tarot cards.  Like all mascots, Cleo "became" the face for the company.    Read More
What color is your favorite autmn sweater?  Forget about the current style.  When you are relaxing and feeling cozy, or need an extra boost to make you confident, what do you reach for in your closet or sweater drawer? {Mine Read More
    His small bony body was covered with infected fly bites. Starving, he was eating his own pooh.   Connected to an old tire, a heavy log chain was looped tightly around his neck.  He looked like a small bony fox, his ears Read More
    One day a woman who had always dated bad boys found the perfect man on a dating site. He was handsome, had a great job and was sensitive.  Soon she wrote home she had finally found Mr. Perfect. And then he became needy. Read More
    You have received the third hang up call for the day.  Your mind goes a thousand miles an hour. You want to believe that a special love of your dreams needs to hear your voice…or that someone telepathically connects so deeply Read More
    Two planes missile into the side of America’s towers, a major flood wipes out New Orleans and across the sea a devastating earth quake and tsunami wave kill thousands.  What is the significance of this life chapter and how does the Read More
  You wake up. The first thing you think of is... Him. You brush your teeth, wash your face and wonder about ... Him. You eat and talk to family, friends, {husband} thinking about… Him. You jog, talk, drive and look for him in Read More