The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.

October 2007 - Posts

When people ask me if I am Christian, I say yes.  The reason has nothing to do with going to Heaven.  I love the teachings of Jesus, his gentle ways, his healings, and his dynamics.   I would follow Jesus any where.  Read More
In her quivering voice I heard the panic on the phone.  She had a problem with a "Psychic Board.”  Much like a Ouija Board, a Psychic Board can be used alone. It has graphic astrology signs, letters, numbers, and pictures of healing stones Read More
     CNN showed the bust of a ware house, amongst the possessions seen a stand with a screaming skull.  This could have been a prop but the implications were horrific. Or is it all a Halloween hoax?  Here is a reading on the Read More
      As she swirled the last drop of tea in a china cup, to everyones shock she plunked the cup upside down onto a napkin.  Tapping the cup base  lightly with a spoon 3 times, she lifted the cup and searched deeply Read More
  One of the most important relationship rules you can remember, is that you must “train” the person you love how to treat you from the beginning.  It’s really no different then training a puppy not to pee on the floor.   Allow the Read More
She was a small long haired kitten and came to me from a couple who raised Doberman Pinchers.  Thrown into the center of the dogs for their amusement, she became a chew toy to either bite or chase. Tiny and fragile, Read More
  We are encompassed in a world where violence and doom is becoming a hotter topic of interest then love, kindness and peace.   We are told that the Aztecs, the Ancient Oracles and the E Ching all come to a date for man kinds ending, of  Read More
He leans back and lifts his face to the sun.  Their thighs touch, yet they are silent. She reads a novel next to him.  He looks over and watches her, smiling at the way her mouth moves when she reads the good parts.   Read More
  “You just told me in 20 minutes what 10 years of therapy took!” She seemed shocked at the layers of answers I uncovered that she knew to be true.  I have come to find there is an order to finding clarity.  This ultimately leads Read More
    Sometimes it feels like you are in suspended animation even at work.  "Hellloooo Out There.  Anyone listening?"  It’s like everyone else is having more fun then you your out in the snow, looking Read More
You have bashed your head into another emotional wall until you feel bloody.  But you thought this one would be totally unlike the one before! And then one day it happens.... DID YOU SEE THESE SIGNS? Has a problem with sticking Read More