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An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.

February 2008 - Posts

    An old wood chair from a Good Will or Garage sell, can transform into a Garden highlight!  My Fairy Chair is planted with tulips in the Spring, and cascades with herbs and flowers of the fairy folk in the summer.   Read More
  Time to flush out the gunk from 2007!  Between Free Readings, we give a tribute to the ol' Goddess of Hygaeia, Ancient Spring Tonics, Weight loss &  celebrate the silver haired Crone.  Plant Read More
  The Pyramid Scheme Spiritualist ...You see them on tv and they have many C.D’s.   They have their net out for lost souls.  Beautiful ocean waves roll behind them.  The sound scheme is perfect.  The appropriate music Read More
    A proud grand mother sent me a picture of her first 18 week grand child's ultra sound.   Amazingly when looking at the childs past life energy, its essence spoke.  Its soul had Read More
  After the age of 45, I believe that women enter a metamorphosis..... as they reach the stage of Crone.  We wander a sort of 40 days 40 nights in the spiritual desert of doubt and redesign.    Often during this time Read More
You don’t need a Hollywood mansion to have a Feng Shui home. Owners of small spaces, mini houses and trailers can have the same effect. Just remember not to sleep next to a mirror or it may magnify the energy of your bad dreams. And close those Read More
>          An alter can be as simple as a coffee table, fire place hearth, or stereo speaker.  Many adorn their sacred place with items that relate to their spirituality and gratefulness.  Read More