The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.

March 2008 - Posts

    Many women and men are loving and gentle people at their jobs, but their own relationships are a battle zone of suspicion.  Convinced a loved one or best friend is betraying them, their behavior and accusations become so unbearable Read More
  Good Morning!   The Brass Ovary girls, Adrienne Austin and Sister Othelia, invite you to call into their radio show for a reading.  Thats  2 psychics at one time!  What do you have to lose?  In the long run, don't Read More
Houses are safety deposit boxes of accumulated emotion. Fights, love making, peace and sickness leave “energy prints” within the walls, carpeting, appliances and cupboards. The energy of each occupant leaves their signature “essence” that spins in suspended Read More
  It’s no surprise that tornadoes spin out of control in the spring.  So do the emotions twist within us at this time of year..  Tax checks, major appliances and cars break down just when we have our plans all together. We get humble just Read More
The Brass Ovary Show will be on soon!   We take in more calls, and now have our show set to automaticly start the minute our My Space site begines. On todays show we encourage students of Tarot Read More
 Jazz, my Golden Retriever, was put to sleep yesterday.  Her eyes told me "let me die."   She was so sick.  She crossed over at home, on a beautiful spring day.  The Buddhist chimes were Read More
  Today’s guest is Anna Robles, a national Angel Messenger that hosts her own radio show on Tuesdays, “Manifesting Truth.”   Anna will speak on her journey Healing and Reading with Angel Guidance.   Call in to get a free reading Read More
      A personal client appointment at my Prairie Studio, brought a most unusual pair..  An attractive young woman came with an older man, who tall and lanky, wood beads wrapped creatively around his wrist, introduced Read More
      Popularity determines what term is used for personal guides.  Pick which ever term makes you feel most comfortable.  Whether you call it a to-may-toe, or ta-ma-toe, it’s still just a tomatoe.  Whether you call Read More