The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.

April 2008 - Posts

      Experience the Renaissance from your computer.   Hands on Healing, Intuition, Leonardo Devenish’s Sexuality, Bathtub Bliss, Creativity, the Inquisition, Burning of  Luca, the 2 Read More
    Business executives, tired folks in over night lay over’s, and elegant women in stilettos sat elbow to elbow. Soon we'd all be bonding as one in fear of a plane crash.      LIKE ANTS, PEOPLE Read More
      What happens when a woman whose biological clock is ticking gazes across the romantic  table at her date?  HE RUNS!   She suddenly realizes she does not want to gamble on losers any more.  Why when she Read More
Is it possible to be anti social  for days, then have animated conversation exchange with a complete stranger crossing a green light another day?   Guess what!  You may be a combination social Read More
  Are you starting to do the same task twice in a row?   Call people sweetie because you can't remember their name?  Sit in your car in a daze when you get home?  Lose track of where you are in sentences?  10 million Read More
When I was a young rebel I washed my hair slung it over my head and air dried my way to a full natural frizz.  I cut my blue jeans at the inner seams and sewed in by hand a triangle of tapestry cloth to create a skirt.   I even Read More
  You can see them secretly slipping into the chimes section, ringing them one by one…listening for just the right sound.  Once you have one, they are like potato chips.  It's hard to stop after experiencing they're effect on  energy.   Read More
    Get your Martha Stewart tapestry pillows and wind chimes. Get in your label pajamas, fetch a cup of hot coffee or tea and listen to Psychic Radio with Sister Othelia and Adrienne Austin every Wednesday morning, 9:30 am Central, Read More
    You aren't sure how it happened.  You used to have a lot of friends and people loved you.  Along the way something happened.  Now you are always protecting your self from getting hurt.  Worse, you Read More
June 4th, 10:30 AM Eastern   Desert - Mountain Artist and Compassionate Spiritualist, Glen the Tarot Guy, joins Adrienne and Annie in giving FREE Psychic Heart Chakra Readings. Call 646-378-1981. Join in laughter and metaphysical coffee Read More
     The most sterio typed images in the world are of Angels.   What if they come in the form of an abused animal or lost child?  Perhaps they are here to see what we will do for them, before Read More