The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.

May 2008 - Posts

What is it about Crones and Stones?   "Earth Crones" just seem to magically and energetically zone into trees, earth, stones and the environment they have rooted to since birth.   Ask Stone Crone.  She Read More
           As a child, the hardest part of being A.D.D. {“Additional Dimension Disorder‘},was feeling that in life I never made the grade point average so therefore must be “less.”   I found Read More
    I was standing in the back of my pick up truck unloading 45 bags of Gold and Red garden mulch, jumping down to the ground, running like a mad woman to garden paths, teepee floors, renaissance trellis and playing hide and seek with my Keen Read More
FEELING BLUE?  Want to make sense out of your love connection?  Sister Othelia and Adrienne Ausin welcomed call in questions on “All Things Love.”   Our discusssion was closing old Telepathic Love Connections that create Read More
      Coyotes have mauled 3 children in the suburbs of California..  Why?   Karen Craft, an Animal Shaman, explains.  What is Isis the cat telling her male owner?  Is Goldie the run away Retriever Read More
      Surprisingly, it may happen in a circle of your dearest friends.  You are encouraged to be up front.   “Honesty is like a merging of souls” the sisters said.  So I spilled my guts.   Suddenly the concept Read More
  His English wiped clean, Don came back from the dead speaking German and Lakota.  Curiously a gift of vision from the other side still haunts him.  Two yrs later Don tells his story of what Read More
    Being a Psychic Grandma is not easy for a daughter in law.  We represent the side of life, often, that practical mothers try to convince their children does not "really" exist.    When my son moved to Japan, and blessed Read More