The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.

June 2008 - Posts

  Enjoy a fun show of hypnotherapy meditation for developing Intuition, Medical Readings, Naked Bicycle riders, Letting go of the dying, Political medicine choices and Spiritual Gardening.   Our show ended with Read More
    You're tired of feeling ripped off.  Every time you give your heart and soul it seems you get the bottom end of the stick.   It really starts with you.  Train people how to treat you.  Do any of Read More
    All through history the curvy voluptuous body of woman was seen as beautiful.  Big Natural Women walk through history seen in gauze, togas and nude paintings.   Big natural women represented health, easy child birth, Read More
       There is probably nothing more peaceful then strolling through a beautiful garden with a cup of morning coffee listening to the birds.  That is unless your “magazine” garden is making you broke, tired and miserable.  Read More
    A new car, house, baby or job can be decided apon with  10-10-10.  “You know what it is?” my coffee sister asked.   “No”…..”What?”   "Ask yourself these three questions..."  I crashed back on the Read More
  Today Mercury Retrograde played havoc with our equipment.  Calls were on a Spirit Haunting and a woman whose California surgeon mutilated her breasts.  Lori Mannella did aura readings on health and gave extremely clear readings Read More
My deepest apology to those that have called me today and found I am not answering.  Tornadoes in the region have knocked our phone lines down.  For the first time I am using a phone connected to my computer for Keen.  For Read More
    My blood pressure was low but my body was tremoring.  At night my sleep was ragged. During Spring gardening I shed my Smokey Crystal necklace and magnetic copper bracelet.  My body rythem calmed. {I'd been wearing weakened Read More
 10:30 AM Eastern time So you feeling blue?  Come on and have Metaphysical Coffee, Hypnotherapy for weight loss, laughter and readings by compassionate Spiritualist, Glen the Tarot Guy.  Join Adrienne and Sister Othelia. Call 646-378-1981 Read More