The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.

July 2008 - Posts

So there you are surrounded by a thousand memories of him.  The gifts he gave you tear at your heart and bring tendor moments to your mind.  Its like his living spirit is squeezing the breath from you .  He's made Read More
      There she is; Over there. Sparkling and glowing, laughing in the midst of a group of casual adoring friends, is a woman that you fight not to look like or weigh as much as. She walks like a queen, and acts like Read More
I am not alone I am sure in that I am a Grandma Psychic Reader.  As the parents go to work I baby sit, take two small Grandchildren on bus trips to town, and walk in the park.  At their home I  watch puppet shows and the daily Halloween Read More
      Every day I walk my 15 yr old Wolf dog.  It takes us about 1 hour to cover the distance he walked in 10 minutes in his prime.  We manage a spiritual mile a day at slow motion.  Like Read More
      Something about the end of July has many feeling blue.  It seems one morning we wake up and realize the plans we made for summer did not come through as we hoped.  Worse, they came Read More
    He was tall and lanky, wood beads wrapped around his wrist. Don was a P.H.D. that died one day.  From the other side of the veil Arms reached out to him.  Called back, he was ripped through the veil to return Read More
    You meet, feel the instant chemistry and gaze into each others eyes with desire.  The need to be in a closer encounter is achingly powerful.  Timing and intension are everything.  When we give someone something fascinating Read More
Are you frazzled?  Has a family 4th of July event, smoking or weight loss got you feeling on edge?  Just click on the white button to be hypnotized! A disk of golden profound wisdom enters into your body, filling you with light, Read More