The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.

August 2008 - Posts

    You have made a beautiful Holiday dinner and added all the final touches.  The problem is his family is making the number one priority the beer.  You want to be seen together; to give the impression you are the perfect Read More
    The moment Judy walked into the healing room for her session the sound of beautiful soothing music wrapped around her.  She immediately relaxed.  Her Intuitive Healer realized her mothering Read More
  Sometimes we know when our Spirituality is in crisis by the hollow feeling in the pit of our stomach.  It feels like we are alone, and as if everyone has abandoned us.  Probably the worst thing we can do is ignore it.  It seems Read More
Get the Intuitive Male View on whats bothering you.  3 Psychic Radio Readings by 3 Professional Tarot Channelers.  Call in and be Our Voice Star!  To Listen click on the white button by Tarot Guys Picture.   Topics Read More
  Foot binding, bottom rib removal, lip plates, stretched necks adorned with twenty gold rings, pierced ears and tattoos  have been all about catching a mate.  In the name of beauty women have done some crazy things to themselves.   Read More
  Jane went to work every day, kept her mouth shut, and tried to get along best she could. Often she felt like she was on the outside looking in with Co Workers.  She was  in love with a man that never included her with his  Read More