The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.

September 2008 - Posts

    On a ceramic coffee house counter in America, framed by a lap top computer, floats a Muslim woman’s head.  Suddenly it screams “Fee Fee! Come!  Fee Fee!”  Like a Cheshire Cat from "Alice in Wonderland" Mama’s Read More
We know how spending money is a gamble right now. So call the Brass Ovary Radio Show, RIGHT NOW, for a Psychic reading with Authentic Psychic Medium, Ann Marie. JUST CLICK ON THE WHITE BUTTON TO LISTEN  Radio Readings on Romance, Career, Read More
Eight years ago I quit my job of 22 years to become a full time Psychic.   This was when the economy was booming.  In Yr 2000 credit card spending was at its peak. So were Psychic reading calls.   A full time Psychic could easily Read More
Great leaders of ancient days had the palms of their soldiers checked for bravery, stamina, endurance, and leadership. Leadership in the hand is measured by the length of the thumb.     The truth of Barack OBama and John McCain's character Read More
What color is your favorite old sweater?  Color emits frequencies of emotional dynamics. Who are you?   Your favorite Autumn Sweater may say volumes about you.  Match your sweater's Chakra color with its emotional frequency.  Read More
Thank you so much for the wonderful calls that packed our show from the moment we started to 5 minutes AFTER our show.    We started with a Dream Reading, progressed to Romance, Divorse, Career, and ended with an Alternitive Cross Read More
    The history of love letters is powerful.  In museums messages from Napoleon to Antoinette still steam with ecstasy beneath glass: “Returning soon.  Don’t wash.” Love letters give us a glimpse of the passion Read More
      She was 65 and so incredibly beautiful she was stolen from her husband by an Egyptian Pharaoh.  In that time being beautiful meant the first to be kidnapped, raped or killed. Unfortunately Sarah had a lot of Brass Read More
By listening to our Wednesday show, you can see whats driving people nuts in the Big Picture.  We had one call after another concerning career, real estate, slow market, life coaches, as well as people needing good healers.  Read More
Animal emotions are real. Like people they are lost without each other. Like abandoned children they become sick with loneliness when we abandon them on chains or in pens in back yards. Animal emotions speak to the Universe and are our Angels. Read More
      With over 70 YEARS PSYCHIC ADVICE COUNCELING between them, Adrienne and Ann Marie offer FREE RADIO READINGS on Romance, Career and Unrest every Wednesday morning.  Call 646-378-1981 for loving Psychic Advice by the Sisters Read More
  Email reading for a jealous wife:  1}  HOW DOES MY HUSBAND FEEL ABOUT ME? The following comes up: He thinks about you ALL THE TIME.    In so many ways you were, {and still are} the perfect woman he envisioned Read More
Ann Marie's wind machine blew her right out of the crystal coven, SCREAMING past her guest, floating in her psychic underware into the valley of wolves. Love bloopers? This is the show for you!    Listen Read More