The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.

October 2008 - Posts

  Psychic Reading or Theatre? BOTH!   Ann Marie, a Certified Master Tarot Channeler 37 years with 15,000 Client feedbacks,invites you out of the harsh winds of life to call her Crystal Coven Cabin for a Psychic Reading. She Read More
  Ann Marie, {ak Sister Othelia}, welcomes you to her haunted cabin in the woods in your Pajamas.  Call Tonight for a  Friday Psychic PRE Halloween Radio Reading with spooky back ground effects. Prefer Read More
Just click on the white button to listen right now!  Stone Crone energetically reads your soul journey through the historical archives contained in your special unique rock. Our Keen/Radio Site: Read More
  Recently a favorite and beloved client found them selves in a crisis.  They called as many psychics as they could for their opinion.  This they reasoned was “getting a full picture” of what was really going on.  Unfortunately, Read More
  I got a visit this morning from the world.  In a raspy breathless voice, 2 bruised eyes and tattered suit coat,  it stopped by for a Psychic Reading.  I sat it down, gave it a cup of hot chocolate, and read on the following sick Read More
Sacred Black Hills Spirit, Bunny Sings Wolf, awed our listeners with Native Wisdom and music laced with chimes, thunder and lightning.   Her profound wisdom on Shaman women, remarked some, made them cry with joy.  Her 450 Read More
      As I slide my Fat Jeans off the top shelf, making ready for 5 pounds of  winter weight, I find myself feeling both scared and FREE!   I embrace my inner child and rebel against fashon.  I Read More
THIS MORNING:  Adrienne and Annie have over 80 years Psychic Reading Combined. Get clarity on Romance, Career, Artisitic Persuit, Executive Stategy & Unrest Wednesday Morning!  Join us in Metaphysical Tea in our cyber kitchen by the internet Read More
  The Brass Ovary Sisterhood, Adrienne and Annie,  give you 2 Brain Bling Readings on your call in question! Ask about romance, career or strategy.  Feel Lost?  Take Action! WHATS A  PSYCHIC “BRAIN BLING” Read More