The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.

November 2008 - Posts

Adrienne and Ann Marie have over 80 Years reading experience between them. Offering FREE Thanksgiving Radio Readings for 1 hour, they invite you to call or listen to the show in your pajamas with a cup of coffee.  Look below for a minute to minute Read More
  Last night I was surprised to get a visit from an old love in a dream. My common sense was saying “OH NO YOU DON’T!” Yet there he was, drop dead gorgeous, but never showing me his face. I took him by the hand and said, “Come here. Let me look Read More
      Join Ann Marie for a Psychic Reading, Poetry & Old Time Radio  Portraying a Crone in the Prairie woods, Ann Marie, a Certified Master Psychic for over 37 years, will welcome you by her fire side hearth with a warm mug Read More
Countless people walk the streets that may have been busted for drinking, shop lifting, larceny, possession and more.  Countless have learned from their mistakes of the past. The truly dangerous people are those that do wrong but have learned how Read More
 Join us in the cyber kitchen for a listen to our morning show.Today we gave readings for sad people foreclosed and moving to the country. @ Callers searching to fire their [email protected] Women searching for marriage with Read More
So whats so great about 2 old Seers and a cup of morning coffee?  Alot of laughter, chit chat and warm caring readings on romance, career and the unexpected.  Listen in your underwear. {We won't look.} TODAY! 10:30 AM Eastern, Read More
        There is a DISSAPEARING art by the under cover world known as “Cloaking”.  Some believe they can actually be looked over or around, by hiding their light and aura.  One could look straight at them, Read More
Adrienne’s mother is going through chemotherapy, and is very scared. Realizing the most important fight against Cancer is “Attitude”, and the ability to “Fight”, Adrienne read this Healing Meditation into a Cassette tape for her mother. Her Mother makes Read More
  I was raised a Jewish-Lutheran.  My mother remarried a Holocaust survivor in the 1960’s whose family was killed in the ovens and gas chambers of Berlin Camps.  The imprints of my step father’s faith left Hanukah Menorahs, Prayer Tops, Read More
Like Car Crash Love?   Whether he is shiny and sexy, or a Ford heavy duty……watch out when the “Car Crash Energy” is the quality you look for in him, and not his spirit and soul.   Maybe you begin to Shake when you meet, a vibration Read More