The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.

December 2008 - Posts

  Celebrity Hypnotist, John Weir, gives Awesome life desire to set our goals for 2009 with 2 passionate hypnotherapy sessions. Don't settle for less then you can be!  Brighten your day and self esteem!  Just relax, and click Read More
      The glittering mirrored ball falls to the ground in a sea of uplifted faces.  I wonder if any of them spend the eve of New Years reflecting?  There is sacredness to manifesting in the midnight hour.  It goes Read More
        Angel Readings with Ann Marie on a snowy Winter day Your Angels are speaking to you. Hear them? Feel them? Connect your Angels with Ann Maries' angels. Get maximum clarity, a fast connection, and down to earth Read More
It’s autumn and the clay pots have been set into garden corners for the Prairie Winter, house plants brought inside, and my Hobbit Dome, retired from the Renaissance fair, lies in wadded folds on the garage floor.  Outside, my Marie Antoinette sculpture Read More
She brings banana bread to your door. She might be your Mom, your Aunt or Sister.  She is over 50 and may have long hair, wear her favorite old style clothes, or carry "hippy attitude."  She loves the Grandkids...{but Read More
    The lady in the car mirror, looking back, was not me.  She had more lines and blemishes.   So serious!  Like a color wheel that turns the stage pink to blue, her eyes went from sad to happy, crying to laughing.  Read More
    After I certified in Reiki Healing I realized my excitement in sharing my gift was not shared.  I live in a town so hick, that the word “Reiki” makes people quiver and shake with suspicion.  “A what Annie?”  they ask. Read More
Amazing information Surrounds just your First Name!   The most powerful life issue comes forth.  Be it Romance, Career, Spiritual Unrest or Angel Blessings.   Your name is a Tool of pure energy.     We have Read More
  No matter if she gives him a Bow Flex, or he gives her a Pier One chair, if the gratitude is not there, someone is going to feel burned if the gift is not appreciated.  Have you ever received a Christmas gift from someone you Read More