The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.

March 2009 - Posts

  Everyone walks the “40 days and 40 nights of the desert”…be it divorce, crisis, abuse, life choice or over whelming obstacles.  We all sweat and weep tears of blood at times in our life when we feel wounded and want to run Read More
Free Angel Survival Readings on the Highway of Tough Times with Keen readers, {guest} Marla Dawn, & show host Ann Marie. {Lily the church ghost joins.} It's old time theater with psychic readings. Coffee's on!  TODAY: 3/27/2009 Read More
    She was a respectable God fearing boss.  Wanting to get closer to her employees she went out to a club after work hours and witnessed 2 women employees kissing.  Shocked, she wondered if she could ever look them in the face Read More
From a little Metaphysical Tea House in tornado country, comes the Pink Chakra Psychic Line. The cats fight and mate in the back ground, disrupting the radio show. But all is good and the soothing voice of Healing reads on Career, Love and Life... Read More
    My father taught me how to ride a bicycle with the focus on learning how to fall right.  He said anyone can ride; how to fall and break the crash takes practice.  Ironically, I have practiced the art of “falling” my whole life.  Read More
There comes a time when making one more phone call, sending one more email, adding one more paint stroke to the canvas, or taking on one more project can ruin everything.  Your intensions were good.  But like an artist, we need to know Read More
The drums beneath the starry sky give a sense of primitive organic oneness with the Universe. Some of the watchers begin to dance to the hungry rythem. The fire leaps and prayers of spiritual intent for peace and healing reverberate into the sky.  Read More
Embryonic Stem Cell Research is seen as important as the discovery of the wheel. Its impact on healing burn victims, horrific deformities and paralysis will be so exciting world scientists will join as a team Read More
    Try Palm Reading to break the ice at parties and dates. Everyone wants to know about themselves. Once the word gets out you can do Palmisty people will be hounding you at parties and clubs. Especially when you can read how Read More
Climb in to the Angel Convertible, roll down the windows and lets crusie to psychic clarity on Hwy Survival.  Listen to a sample of a Tarot Channeling with Ann Marie on her  Internet Radio show.  Angel Readings, Read More