The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.

April 2009 - Posts

  She went out of her way to get close to new people.  They never knew what hit them.  She was warm and a great listener.  In return new employees divulged private life information    Like Paul Read More
Spiritual Cloaking for the Flu is the same method Cancer Survivors have used to strengthen their immunity system & heal.  A man called about his Princess Diane fantasy wedding.  Sadly his wife-to-be thought it stuped. Read More
How does it feel to have Swine Flu?   How long does it last?  How is it spread?  Where did it come from?  Will it Kill you? Why are ATM Machines & Money a major carrier? What stock is soaring due to Flu?  Read More
THE MOMENT YOU "KNOW" YOUR GUIDES it is a startling moment and sneaks up on you. There comes a wrestling within oneself. Many question whether what they are feeling is “clean……pure”; especially if there has been religious doctrine upbringing. One day Read More
The Brass Ovary Psychic Radio Show click here to listen to this morning's show  Psychic Excellence with 80 yrs Intuitive Angel Reading combined Free Readings on Romance, Career, Spiritual Loss & Pets Warm earthy psychic advice with Read More
She was 250 pounds, 5 foot tall and encased in cement. Her head turned over her shoulder. One hand held flowers, the other intuitively covered her heart. She was a Winston, Salem girl on sale for $99.00. Soon she would be shipped 1000 miles to be part Read More
Susan was 47 and had never been kissed. In a frumpy dress, thick eye brows and old lady shoes her Angel voice God Smacked the world. Her voice, so rich and beautiful, made thousands cry in Joy. But wait a minute! There's more to this story. What's really Read More
At this time of year it’s easy to get overwhelmed and depressed. May I suggest a  Purge Reading? A Spring Life Cleaning reading looks at the NOW of your life, on the good with the bad, and where you stand.  This is not a fluff  reading Read More