The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.

February 2010 - Posts

      Every day I walk my 15 yr old Wolf dog.  It takes us about 1 hour to cover the distance he walked in 10 minutes in his prime.  We manage a spiritual mile a day at slow motion.  Like Read More
One woman is a stunning performer with a dating profile of pretty pictures and reads like a Cosmo Magazine.  Another woman is 64, loves to line dance, play poker and is very aggressive. Both are picky. Both get great responses. None of the responses Read More
Did you know you can use Tarot to end writers block?  Tarot can also help you create the theme for a painting or sculpture you feel ready to start.  Build the outline plot of a book, a blog or school essay using Tarot Cards.   There's Read More
A man and his dog were walking along a road. The man was enjoying the scenery, when it suddenly occurred to him that he was dead. He remembered dying, and that the dog walking beside him had been dead for years. He wondered where the road was leading Read More
Psychic Caller Pet Day was joined by an African Grey, an angry Pug dog {and a vocal Spirit!} Readings on a Wife/Husband business team, a woman's psychic "lost person's" gift and financial crisis were given. {See if you can hear the the strange voice in Read More
Have you ever been at work and watched a circle of women point and criticize someone for the way they dress, speak or walk?  Have you ever noticed how it isn’t so much the “underdog” that is their victim, but someone that is getting more attention Read More