April 2007 - Posts

Well after five months of hitting and missing with being available on Keen I am returning to my hearts work. I have missed speaking to my clients. I am planning to be more regular in being available now. I will be on week days Monday, Thursday, and Friday Read More
This past month I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet an extraordinary person! And my life is forever changed! I have been priveledged to hear Swami Vidyadhishananda Giri speak on many Universal Laws and Principles. Swami is a Read More
Hey I sent out mass email today sharing a link with a really sweet message to all. To think that Free Hugs could be banned?????  Anyway, I just reflected on the thoughts of what a much better world we would share if we did hug each other like Read More
I am up early listening to the birds singing. I love Spring mornings! I have been giving thanks for all that is in my life. I realize that Now is where I must focus my attention. Not in days gone by, or in potentials of my future, but this day these Read More