Welcome to Jeekers17's blog! She is a very intuitive compassionate psychic. She prays for Guidance and can bring you helpful insight today. This blog has a few special entries that she has been guided to post on Keen.

October 2015 - Posts

8/27/2014 Deb43 Thanks.  8/26/2014 Faith07 Thank you. Great read  8/24/2014 Tea light Accurate  8/24/2014 Read More
8/16/2014 Britee first call and I am impressed with how consistent she was.  8/14/2014 sillyside12 Great advisor:-)  8/13/2014 In Alaska Read More
8/9/2014 Great-Things Very relaxing reader to speak with. Timely answers for each question asked and also offers advice too if you want. Outcome of my reading is: will secure an internal job offer in about a month (September) Read More
7/22/2014 lokinath oh my! you have given me understanding and peace. the images you passed on to me are of tremendous help. thank you very much for your clarity; the process would continue whether i understand it or not, but Read More
7/8/2014 sillyside12 Thank you so much!  7/8/2014 sillyside12 Thx! You are great!  7/6/2014 broncorocks It's so nice to talk with her Read More
7/20/2014 Apples79 Very nice aura about her! Give her a try! You won't be disappointed ;)  7/18/2014 Erin Shawn Excellent!  7/17/2014 sillyside12 Read More
6/24/2014 Divinealign Thanks for your insights for the long term potential and being a good match for each other. Yes if I share my interests with him, even things like meditation. Lack of contact is due to his wondering Read More
6/8/2014 Yolanda69 I really like my session with Jeekers. Her voice was very soothing when she discussed a 20 year situation that had not been addressed. 6/17/2014 LaVieNouvelle thanks  Read More
6/4/2014 meko34 Awesome reading. She takes the time to look into your situation and tell u what's really going on. Thank you  6/4/2014 need-to-know GREAT  Read More
5/16/2014 hgodin Thank you Jeekers. I do feel you are accurate in your description about his "double life". Sadly enough I feel he has always been that way through out our relationship. I do however very much appreciate your Read More
5/15/2014 need-to-know GREAT  5/14/2014 leonie4566 Thank you! I will call back to finish!  5/13/2014 Sunny456 Thx excellent  Read More
5/2/2014 broncorocks SHE IS WONDERFUL  5/1/2014 728Connie I love the call and the honesty. For the last two years you have told me to be patience and you have be right thus far. Read More
4/7/2014 sahara1998 Thanks. Your insight is much appreciated. Just have to continue focusing on me.  4/5/2014 tosha b Very kind with her reading and helpful. Thank you so much Read More
4/11/2014 WhyWorry Thank you. I look forward to our next reading.  4/11/2014 DJMIXDOWN Jeekers17 was professional, honest, and direct with her reading and insight to my current situation. Read More
3/26/2014 Betterment Great  3/25/2014 broncorocks Excellent Reading  3/25/2014 broncorocks Good  3/24/2014 Read More
3/7/2014 Grateful 31 Thank you so much for your kind heart. I truly appreciate your help.  3/7/2014 Blessings by Sage Your a wonderful reader who explains everything. Wishing u the Read More
3/18/2014 hgodin Thank you so much Jeekers! I appreciate your suggestions they have been very helpful for me. I also think they are working with my situation :) since I have pulled back he has been coming forward more. Good Read More
3/1/2014 46helg48 Thanks  3/1/2014 itllbefinetomorrow Jeekers17 was very easy to speak to. The connection was quick, natural and the reading seemed to be accurate. I enjoyed speaking Read More
2/28/2014 harris11 Your AWESOME!! Thank you ;-)  2/27/2014 HopelessRomantic84 Thanks sooo much! Awesome reading!!  2/27/2014 Bella1295 Read More
2/20/2014 moonreadings Always helpful in a time of need! Call her if you want the truth!  2/18/2014 broncorocks All ways friendly can't wait to talk again  Read More
/23/2014 tosha b One of the best damn advisers on here! Very friendly, kind and helpful. I will definitely give her more calls in the future. Thanks a million!  2/23/2014 pearlsxprada Read More
1/29/2014 sno58 Dear Jeekers, Thank you , felt a good connection. :) appreciate your time.  1/28/2014 WhyWorry Thank you. I look forward to our next reading.  Read More
2/11/2014 moonreadings 100 stars!  2/11/2014 moonreadings 100% ACCURATE!  2/9/2014 sahara1998 Thank you!!! I don't know what I'd do Read More
1/12/2014 sahara1998 I just love talking to you! You always find a way of making my days brighter! I cannot thank you for all the help you've given! Can't wait to speak again:). She is worth the call!!! 1/21/2014 Read More
10/18/2015 Mookie12 She was great, and concise. Very positive.  9/14/2015 looolooob Was very good. Understanding n caring accurate n responsive.  8/11/2015 Read More
2/5/2015 Lifee Great call  1/16/2015 Starlit Divine Always love catching up, thank you so much for the help!!  9/18/2014 yoggie1 Jeekers Read More