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Facilitates "matching" of your desired outer self/co-created reality to your perfect inner spiritual blueprint through personal transformation, self-healing, wholeness, & LOVE.

Mark (as Divinus, specializes in Relationships and Work/Career), intends to share a unique expert spiritual/feeling/thought energy read perspective & best strategy in forecasting probable/likely events for love/work opportunities w/ proprietary intuitive clairvoyant divination methods. By insightfully merging clairvoyance, intuitive logic, and sympathetic listening; confirmation of your inner feelings/guidance for self-healing/wholeness/transformation is lovingly facilitated. Enhanced accuracy is achieved by synergistically combining several proprietary divination methods (as intuitive focusing mediums). Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance come together for maximum interpretation. Intuitively informed decisions help maximize your opportunities and minimize challenges, thus assisting you in creating a more perfect life experience.

Isismatch (a former systems engineer, BSEE) has over 21 years full-time experience (30 years total) in professional practice (30,000+ consultations: 30,000+ Keen points since Sep. 2000, Intuitive Services, 800Predict, and Phoenix Psychic Services). He has several radio/newspaper/tv interviews (e.g., Radio: CBS nationwide, WSAI AM 1530 "Angel Talk", WHIO AM 1290 "New Year's"; TV: NBC WKEF Ch. 22 News, and Newspaper: Dayton Daily).

Reviewed on TV (Rated best[86% accurate] of five consultants evaluated):"The reading was fun and it did produce some uncanny insight into my personality, my past and my present...(Mark)...was right on target with much of what he said. Although not a scientific survey, the statistical accuracy was as follows: 0%...false, 14%...true for most people, 36%...specifically true for her, 50% uncanny direct hits out of a total 22 items (100%)...had an uncanny ability to know more about me than a stranger should." (NBC TV News affiliate, Nov. 1996)

Offered exclusively by phone through Keen, Mark has developed a unique proprietary methodology (validated over a decade) to evaluate your long term relationship potential for chemistry, longevity, ease/challenge, and likelihood of overall success/happiness. "... developed a tool that will determine if a relationship has long-term soulmate (life partner) potential with 98 or 99 percent accuracy." (published interview by Dayton Daily News newspaper, April 16, 1999)

Relationship compatibility divination methods are different...isismatch's uniquely validated method advances online relationship potential accuracy!

To receive the most from your consultations: Please understand 100% yes/no absolute fated prediction is an unrealistic expectation as much of the probable outcome depends on free will multiple choice similar to an changing/evolving weather forecast percentage chance of occurrence. Since Mark feels there is a delicate balance between sharing the specific that may limit choice and the general that expands choice; if you do not hear something you had hoped for or expected, please remember that your spiritually responsible free will choice usually changes events for the best possible outcome. Although his style is not for everyone and he may not know everything about you (nor have all the answers), Mark intends his best to help you create your most desirable outcome by sharing several viewing angles of an expanded perspective with objectivity, honesty, and sensitivity/compassion.

Phone consultations feature: First, Mark intends to share a brief intuitive overview for insight into your question and a near term forecast of probable outcome as possible clues in solving a puzzle or as signs in a roadmap of possible opportunities through people, situations, etc. What are other's thinking, feeling, and intending?

Second, he may assess the long term relationship potential for spiritual, love/emotional chemistry, mental/friendship, physical/intimacy/money/business, longevity, and challenges. With the month/day/year of birth for each (birth location/hour improves accuracy), Divinus evaluates your relationship potential probability or chance of long term life partner success/happiness on a percent scale (>60% desired) and labeled average, excellent, or outstanding. Philosophically, as your ideal relationship with your inner self is developed through lifetime spiritual transformation, usually at least one of several potential life partner soul mate candidates may spiritually evolve to fulfill the spiritual contract with you (like flowers bloom differently).

Third, cycle timing and personality insight fine tunes the accuracy.

Finally, please share history/background/questions to help define/confirm/clarify issues/expectations/strategy to optimize your desired outcome.

Unique Automated Reports: Complimentary by request with paid phone consultations or $33 prepaid for all three. Please send an email including date(s) of birth (month/day/year) for you and any relevant others ... include approximate time(s) of day and place(s) of birth improves accuracy.

1) Relationship Compatibility: Love/romance/intimacy, friendship, money, and career/business potential is scored with strengths/challenges interpreted using proprietary discoveries. 2) Timing Roadmap: Vocational/financial and love/intimacy. 3) Personality Insight

Background information: Click Blog: testimonials, verified credentials, how to create happy relationships, and much more!

Client LCScorpio: "Since 2003 he has given me the most accurate, ethical, and insightful guidance. After thousands of dollars spent on Keen, I do know those who I can trust and those who I cannot. For both career and relationships, Mark's accuracy has been 80 to 90% for me through the years, I could make a list a mile long on the things Mark has shared that has been confirmed without a doubt, and what I appreciate the most he helps to spiritually guide and listen so that we don't sit and wait on predictions as we have to spiritually process if we want our dreams to happen, and sure enough as we do seek the spiritual, the best outcomes are possible. He has helped me to work with the events now and prepare for the future with compassion and accuracy that have been priceless to me; cannot thank him enough!"

*Thank you for visiting...Mark is honored and grateful for the opportunity to be of spiritual service/assistance. May God/Goddess/Spirit bring you many blessings, miracles, much happiness, and good luck!

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