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Psychic Jennifer Moran

1-800-ASK-KEEN Extension 0499

Hi, My name is Jennifer

I was Born Legally Blind and have had a Psychic Gift my Whole Life.

The Gift runs Very Strong on both sides of my Family.

You will find, I'm an Old Soul with Great Wisdom.

I have 25 years experience.

I can help you with :
Love, Money, Career

If I am not available try a Psychic in my Group:

Due to the fact that I am visually impaired. I have a friend answer all my Keen Mail.

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  Psychics Life Questions Fast, Accurate & Honest! Ext 0499   5 stars
  $2.59     Arrange a Call
  Psychic Readings Other Transform Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Trauma   5 stars
  $2.99     Arrange a Call
  Psychics Otherworld Connections Who were You In A Past Life?   5 stars
  $2.50     Arrange a Call
  Psychic Readings Love & Relationships Empath Love Reading. Ext.0500   4 stars
  $3.99     Arrange a Call
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